"it's so fly, so dope, so swaggy. it's youth conference."

youth conference 2011 [B.O.O.T. camp] consisted of a little bit of this:

my first time doing baptisms at a different temple. Manti is gorgeous.

a lot of laughter from this lovely lady.

a deathly hike that nearly killed us. but the destination was worth it.

full fledged tears and floor rolling laughter just from the words
"and Jenkins said who is scratching at my lawn. and the ghost said ME!"

drivin' around in the above boy's truck emptyin trash cans into dumpsters
learnin' that not everyone in San Pete county is a hick.
having the slightest sliver of this dream come true.
new fav best friend? i think so.
we will meet again someday.

a slow-motion victory 3x.

deep talks on the deck. and more time as the three amigas.

a bonding moment with the sister.

many to die for quotes from these cool guys. more full fledged tears.

the biggest slumber party i've ever attended.

not pictured:

a shaft followed by an internal melt down.

a very needed reassured, confirmed testimony
along with agreement of other's.

a spontaneous nauseated night to start off a queasy day.

a lot of love from my amazing leaders.

a memorable experience not soon to be forgotten.

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