hi, i'm nicole. 

i actually really like my last name, 
though it will change one day,
so i'll add that:

hi, i'm nicole tucker.
and some say i have an old soul.

i believe each day is filled
with minuscule pivotal moments that shape our lives 
and carve our character.

i believe in being real 
and living life to the fullest is something i strive to do 
so i try to be my best self.

through the ups and downs of this journey we call life,
i believe that through Jesus Christ
any experience can bring peace and growth.

and with that in mind i'm looking towards the uncertain, yet not so uncertain, future 
with faith in what my Heavenly Father holds in store for me.

life is filled with beautiful things;
each day is a marvelous day to be alive.

so welcome, to the place where i write 
the language of my soul.
i hope your soul can translate it too.