"I now present the 101st class from Pleasant Grove High School--the class of 2013."

that moment hit me hard.

that ceremony in that building will always hold a special place in my heart,
from the way our names were read while walking
to the way the applauses meant so much more.
from the lyrics sung to the notes harmonized.
I really appreciated the unifying words said during the commencement.
How life is a learning experience and it's more meaningful when spent helping others
and that the definition of success is being your best self.
if you have people who care about you, family and friends,
and a positive outlook on life, you have everything.
these years, PG High School, the people there
it's all so special to me.
how every little thing played out.
the ordinary days, the extravagent events
all tie together to build my memories
from my senior year--from my high school experience
As I probably won't remember the details,
thats what hurts about reaching this point,
I will remember the names and the feelings attached to them.
For most of the names, this isn't even close to goodbye
and for that I'm so grateful.
I've grown so close to the most incredible individuals.
so many spectacular futures ahead.
I can't wait to see where we go and what we do.
I know we're going to change lives.

May 30th 2013 was a sentimental, monumental day for us.
the point of choices, a mark of destiny.
the experiences we had during the past three years
have shaped and molded us into who we are.
and that will never leave us,
but now
we're ready.
ready to take on the world, explore new adventures,
have new experiences, and add our mark.
i loved you high school,
i will forever be grateful for the place of the mighty vikings
but now it's time to set you aside
and keep moving forward.


the grove.




i love that place

i love the people i met there,
i love the memories we share.

i love the teachers associated with,
i love the lessons learned; knowledge -- a given gift.

i love every bit of heart, mind, and soul put in.
i love all the blood, sweat, and tears i've given.

not just to that school, that building,
but to the life i lived while living.

i'll carry them with me,
the memories i have.
because they built my character,
they made me who i am.

last week of high school adventures.

consisted of a lot of attended events, eating out (burgers especially), and a special feeling i can't quite put my finger on.
what ever it was, it was memorable.



it's a type of catfish.

the SemCo

quite an amazing group to have been blessed to work with all year.
we accomplished some great things.
i can't imagine my senior year without
have had serving on seminary council, with these people.


cool pool party.

filmed and composed by the awesome hayden hunter.


water emotions.

slow down,
let your soul bathe in rich emotion.
rinse yourself in sweet love
and feel the happiness splash abundantly against your skin.
submerge yourself in deep gratitude
and feel the joy flow between your fingers.

don't worry if the rushing water is coming at the right rate or at a precise temperature.

slow down
and let it cleanse,
filling your memory with pure crystal drops of clear moments.


happy moments

i need not be afraid of letting happy moments go,
for as long as i decide, there will always be plenty, plenty more.

not going under.


i stopped and prayed in front of a glorious view
and then this shuffled next on my iPod.
i'm grateful God knows how to work technology too.



Think back to sixth grade,
senior year was only but a far-fetched fantasy--
a dream that felt as if it'd never come.

Now take a deep breath.
Feel that?
Your lungs are full of that dream--
a  reality that you frivolousy breath 
in and out everyday.

you're living the precise moments
you'll remember all your days. 
so breathe deeply each one,
in and out,
not letting a single exhale
transpire with out filling
those lungs full of gratitude.


i'm graduating.

the announcement I designed.


i've got that summertime, summertime saddness.


scenes as of late.

may has been a happy month :)


senior prom.



best friend.

elementary kids.