for those of you who thought
bathroom mirror self portraits
were lame..

you were wrong.

Self Portrait, June 16, 1956

they have always been a fad.

(check out this historical street photographer's gallery, amazing.)


it's easy. you just gotta plan it out, think it through, and follow up.


i am grateful for people like this.

where would the world be with out them?


i should be sponsored.

 i learned that my first name is the feminine version of Nicholas or Nikolaos,
which is derived from the Greek words
nike meaning “victory” and loas meaning “people”.
Therefore, the name Nicole is classified as the term “Victory of the People”.

i should have a swoosh personally embroidered on all of my athletic wear.



let's just say thanksgiving break was an awkward one.  these are some of the moments we experienced first hand.

that awkward moment when you're trying on shoes at the store where you bought the shoes you were wearing in the first place.

that awkward moment when your hotel room is nicer than your house.

that awkward moment when a tween boy thinks he is justin bieber.

that awkward moment when you're walking around with a wendys bag or a mcdonalds cup in your hand and you realize you look like white trash.

that awkward moment when justin bieber starts rapping during a christmas song.

that awkward moment when your brother's girlfriend tells you she knows your non-boyfriend's sister really well.

that awkward moment when you take a nap at a stranger's house, because after a feast like thanksgiving, your body deserves a nap.

that awkward moment when your sister texts you more awkward moments that are too awkward to repeat.

that awkward moment when justin bieber can sing higher than you.

that awkward moment when you come home and pea(s) is all over your porch.

that awkward moment when you tell someone an awkward moment and they don't laugh.

that awkward moment when you realize how much justin bieber is referred to in this post.

that awkward moment when you realize life is just one whole awkward moment. (<--credit: macy the champion.)



is addicting.

just as most new music on my iPod is. i would recommend looking it up.

usually, every year i have this rule. no christmas music 'till after thanksgiving day.
but since i will not have access to my music library this black friday,
i made room on my bursting Pod for the christmas tunes
and officially loaded them on.

speaking of black friday,
i sure hope Rocksprings, Wyomming's close attempt of a mall has some steals.
thats where i will be scouting out deals on this bargain filled day;
along with the local walmart.

yes, rocksprings wyomming
 is where i'll be spending my thanksgiving.
watching some western wyomming community college basketball.
gotta love the brother who plays for them!

so i'm wishin you all a happy thanksgiving now!

i watched this tonight:

gets me everytime.

i've decided to start a book club. we will read nicholas spark novels.
you can join if you'd like.


happy tuesday-friday.

today i am grateful.
we drew hand turkeys in seminary.
by the end, my feathers were full.
i am truly blessed.
and so are you.
let's enjoy this
break, and thanksgiving.


today was eventful, perhaps you could say.

i took a calulus test. i wore my sick Nike swag shirt. it's dri-fit.
i got a parking ticket just for driving my mom's car.

i attended piano lessons. i stood outside in the cold for some time.
i viewed part 1 of the final episode of the twilight saga. despite it's weirdness, which i was warned of, i enjoyed it. quite much.

me and a great BFFFFFF of mine then proceeded to eat wendy dollar menu items in a parking alot. don't worry, since it was after dark we chose a church building one, just to be not as creep-like.

yeah, i liked today.

oh! and i asked david archuleta to PG's preference dance.
i also got date rejected by david archuleta (because he has previously made plans on December 10)
it was a great moment.

at least i have an autographed autobiography to prove it.
and this photograph:

yeah, i liked today.


true veggers.

my weekend looked like this:
 just veggin'
(in the sunshine and palm trees)

because of this:
i love my team. i love our coaches. but most of all,
i love what we do.


just insane.

you wanna know the craziest part about calculus?

it makes sense.



what a great time!

sadies 2011.junior year



it's kinda cool to be alive on a day like today.
the school went chaotic at
and i'm in the grade of

-pretty unique.

i wished for world peace.

or perhaps my own.


forgery at it's finest.

Is it normal
to dramatically belt out lyrics that perfectly describe life's scenarios while driving?
because possibly thats the only possible way to be possibly mended back together?
only for a second, if thats even possible?
even if i thought so, though possibily i could be wrong.
or is it possible that i was today?
i was possibly sure that i was.

is it normal
that inside walls crumble-
on the outside, strength is forged. 
it can't be helped.
it is what it is.
or is it what it is?
what if it isn't?
possibly. probably. possibly not.

forgery at it's finest.



is the possibility.


"As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness, you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you."
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf



thats text language for:

Laughing So Hard My Sombrero Falls Off And I Drop My Taco. 

-the best acronym i've ever heard.


wheel of the world.

right now,
life is just in a phase
that soon,
it will out grow.

click to --> listen



the mystic colors dance
upon the magestic high planes.

who knew this was out here?

light illuminates the feeling
across this single road.

certainly not me.

mankind's gateway to
the unknow; the uncertain.

what else is out there?

vast landscapes fill the expanse
between civilization.

i want to find out.


long story short.

you never know how much you do in one day untill you loose your ability to do it.
being sick is the worst.