time does heal.
i have proof etched into my soul.
extreme wounds now only faint scars--
mere evidence of how much a human soul can feel.
the visibility, though, a reminder;
the territory here seems all too familiar.
i've felt the hurt before,
but that doesn't make it any less painful now,
if not worse.
knowing that time is the only medicine available.



in her offering hands she holds so much.
she stands patiently, waiting
for someone to just walk by and
everything that does.


like the movies.

and just like that she was the girl in the high school bathroom crying over a stupid boy.


let it be.

because i know what it's like to
fall for an older boy, an older football-player boy.
because i know what it's like to go out on a limb and ask him to a girls choice dance.
i know what it's like to drive around in his car; to listen to his music.
i know what it's like for him to take you to temple square and see the lights.
because i know what it's like to have him ask you to a formal dance.
i know what it's like to get to know eachother well; to have him to like you back.
i also know that circumstances like this can impact lives.
so i'll let it be.


human interaction.

a light snow fall is only peacful when you have someone to sit by as you watch it slowly flutter to the ground.
an open field of wild flowers is only magical if someone is there to frolick with you.
a hushed moment is only truly quiet if you have another's ear to whisper into.
a cupcake is only sweet when someone else can also taste the savory flavor of the half you didn't finish.
the most vast view is only breathtaking when someone is there to hear you gasp.

pouring rain is only lovely when someone will dance in it with you.
a moment is only ideal if you have the right someone to share it with.
whether that person be beside you or just connected through heart.


Homecoming, senior year.

This year, homecoming was more than just a dance.
it was a whole week.
i won a pageant (or at least 2nd attendant ;)

PGHS Homecoming Royalty 2012 :)

we got to drive around the track at half time during the game!

seriously, it was one of the best moments i've experienced. ever.

we won our homecoming game. first time thats happened since i've been at the school. 
the G was lit a flame.

wore one of my favorite dresses of all time, gorgeous.
with thanks to my mother yet again!

and i got to go to the dance with a great friend of mine.

then we were off to party it up.

what a crazy, beautiful week full of memories i will always keep safe :)



  I am ready for mine to be written:
full of
thrills and uncertainties
opportunity and adventures
learning and experiencing
nightmares and tragedy
 fantasy and love
faith and hope. 
In reality
I sit here in my eighteen year old skin and
try to imagine the life ahead of me. 
Today, it begins.  
And it’s going to come without warning or delay. 
it will be a whirlwind that’s for sure,
but definitely something well worth the ride.


the beginning of the rest of our lives.

I have this over bearing sense that these letters are simply not just statements of friendships up to this point--though they have so many years of history written on them--but they are beginnings; only just beginnings of frienships more significant than the comprehendible scale.  these letters display only but a small fraction of the grand sceme of it all.  they mark the first day of the rest of our lives.  the beginning of 18th birthdays, of cap and gowns, of packing boxes, of bridesmaids, of tears, of pure joys, of everything this crazy life holds in store for each of us.

from seventeen to eighteen

(reminisce the past year here.)

17 reasons why i loved the past year:
  1. growing older, experiencing more
  2. receiving my first kiss
  3. passing both the AP calculus test and AP US history test
  4. earning a new XC PR of 22:28
  5. learning that if i put my mind to something, i can do anything
  6. being called to serve on seminary council
  7. being apart of the Youth Humanities Council at the Church History Museum, Downtown SLC
  8. branching out and making new best friends and lasting friendships
  9. keeping the original best friends, solidifying friendships
  10. seeing the class unity that senior year brings, coming to love the city of Pleasant Grove
  11. going on my last girls camp and trek
  12. falling hard and overcoming the heartache that endings bring
  13. gaining a new perspective of the future
  14. being busier than ever with photography
  15. getting my new older sister
  16. broadening my horizons
  17. learning to see God's hand in my life, strengthening my testimony of this gospel.
18 goals for the upcoming year:
  1. graduate highschool
  2. get scholarship money to attend a college
  3. figure out which one that will be
  4. move out and begin it
  5. run for miss pleasant grove
  6. run a half marathon
  7. talk to and see my brother in person for the first time in two years
  8. travel (out of the country?)
  9. buy a smart phone (iPhone?)
  10. buy my own computer and adobe software
  11. re-read the book of mormon
  12. begin my career of being a photographer
  13. upgrade my camera equipment
  14. attend my senior prom (be able to say i went to all 24 dances of my highschool career)
  15. continue speaking the language of my soul
  16. keep all the true friendships i have (past graduation and moving away)
  17. make some of the best memories of my life, realize that i am
  18. keep my commitment of living the gospel and strive to become a woman of God


2nd west, north temple.

gets me everytime i turn the corner,
and it never fails to astonish me.



anything only means something
if emotion is put behind it.

a hallow performace,
a meaningless spoken word,
or a blank thought
never went far in this world.

make it all count;
for you never know who it is going to affect
and how it will be remembered.


there's nothing left to say now, I'm givin' up, i'm givin' up.

every time i start to live--even the slightest little bit--for someone else,
i will end up in disappointment.
all i want is for someone to prove me wrong.


We can see God in our daily lives if we choose to; even in the simplest things.


too busy.

24 hours is simply not enough.


on top of a mountain; my happy place.



3rd time. most difficult time?
but still so worth it.
these pictures just don't do it justice.
the journey really is life changing.



accoustic show.
CD signing.
debut album 3 days early.

sickest music. ever.


the best day with these guys.
i wouldn't have wanted to share it with anyone else.