that's happy.

okay call me a narcissist but it's really just a form of expression.  
these photos are like a story.
a story about the emotions that filled my heart and
a conversation that has lingered there all day. It was one between my lovely roommate and I while walking across campus.  it consisted of one simple formula: we love _______.  we filled the blank with everything we could think of--from new sweaters all the way down to living in a way that makes us the happiest.  and let me tell you, it was the best start to an ordinarily great day. i'd even recommend it.



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an art project depicting where my heart currently lies. 

from my sketch book:

to my computer screen:

my first project ever made in adobe illustrator. the pen tool is pretty cool.
and trust me, that 3-demensional flag took longer than it looks.  literally hours.


This is the real world now.

It’s not about being the average person anymore.  This is about goals.  This is about success.  This is about hard work and dedication.  This is about how much I am willing to do.  It’s not about excuses or distractions.  This is about doing everything I do as well as I can do it.  It’s about maximizing opportunity and being ready for when it comes my way.  This is about something greater than just eating, breathing, sleeping, repeating.  This is about my life, right now, and the direction I’m taking it.

It’s not about being comfortable or staying put.  This is about taking action.  This isn’t about getting by or wondering what the future holds.  It’s about creating it.  It’s not about complaining or whining for attention.  It’s no longer about bad days or pitty-parties.  This is about a higher mentality. This is about my choices and my attitude.  It's about being self-motivated.  This is about my life, right now, and the direction I’m taking it.

This is about being genuine.  It’s about helping others along the way.  It’s not about jealousy or self-promotion.  This isn’t about being the best.  This is about being among the best.   It’s not about being narrow minded or closed off.  It’s about letting go of prejudices.  It’s about looking towards others for help.  This is about learning and humility.  It’s about equality.  This is about my life, right now, and the direction I’m taking it.

This is the real world now.  It’s not about the what-ifs, the would-have-beens, or the buts.  This is about believing in myself. This is about embracing opportunity, experiencing the most possible, and living every single moment of each day.  It’s about being my best self.  This is my life and the direction I’m taking it.

(^adobe illustrator is my new favorite toy.)



today is the fall equinox.
today there is an equal amount of dark and light.

which side will you dedicate your life to?


bear lake.

  driving through a stunning canyon while it's still night time.  looking up at the stars, brighter than you've seen in a long time.  
realizing it's been a while since you've seen the world in this state.
the beauty and marvel refreshes your soul.



   I walked in as soft light poured
through the diffusing white curtains
cleansing the walls with purity .
   i glanced up and caught myself
as a reflection in the mirror.
   i stopped in my tracks.
my soul was reminded of a scene.
envisioned was the day i'd kneel
in that building--a white dress 
encircled about me.
   i was immersed with beautiful;
a feeling that'd brim my heart
that day.
   my reflection smiled
and my eyes sparkled 
as that day felt more real
and closer than ever.