let me introduce myself.

Well, first things first. let me introduce myself: 

hi, i'm nicole tucker.  i'm 16 years old; a sophomore at the lovely highschool of PGHS.
i have two sides of my personality.  They fight wars against each other. 
One side needs organization and to follow a schedule.  It's the side that’s good at taking control and analyzing problems. 
Then there’s the other side. The side that longs to create and be free.  The side that lives and loves and is inspired. 
I am afraid sometimes the first side wins, i like it better when the second one does.
i believe in finding the meaning in things, living life to the fullest, and taking opportunity.
i believe in building Real relationships.
i think too much about things and i'm bad at deciding.
i'm not ashamed to admit am an over achiever and a perfectionist, i have always taken pride in doing well in school.
i know i shouldn't be so prideful.
i love light and color, i wish i could capture and preserve it perfectly.  i love to attempt.
i believe the world is full of a lot of bad,  but good can still be found; there are people who care. there is hope.
i want to travel and experience the most possible.
i love inquiring and learning.
i have recently discovered a love for writing, expressing my thoughts in a unique way.
i am passionate and I love being in awe.
i believe the big, extravagant things are not what make the difference, but more the daily, simple things that do; one step at a time.
i believe that sometimes wasting time is the most productive thing to do.
And memories made by spending money have more worth than the money alone.
i try to obtain balance.
i love harmonizing second soprano notes, and believe music that is created from the soul has value.
i know how powerful the mind can be.
i believe that there is a plan. There is no such thing as coincidences. Things happen for a reason and it will work out in the end.

being inspired is the feeling i love most.
it compels me to keep doing what I love to do: Take photos.
i am not your average American teenager.
i believe it is important to always have integrity.
i believe everyone has a story, one that people around them are not aware of.
i notice the beauty and importance of things most people don't. 
i admire the other people that do.
i believe life can leave one completely speechless and breathless, with tears running down the cheeks.  It can leave one with something that cannot be expressed with just the common language but rather felt with emotion from the language of the soul.
most of the time i do not listen, but i cherish the moments that i do, and recently i have been listening more.
i have big hopes and dreams and
i am grateful to the people that have made me who i am today.


the first post.

This is my new blog; to express thoughts, feelings, dreams, wishes, inspirations, or what ever is going on in my head.  I have found a new love for writing which caused the decision to create this blog.  In the midst of my expressing of thoughts, I hope to maybe inspire someone else by my words.  So if you are reading this I hope you enjoy them.
p.s. i actually started this blog half way through march of 2011, i just wanted this to be set as my first post but i also wanted to post past writings and i wanted the dates of when i post them to correspond with when i actually wrote them.