designing book covers and stuff.


some days,

it's hard to believe it was real.
that there was once a moment in time 
when you stood next to me, your face next to mine.
it seems to be all made up in my mind.
the memories oh so hard to find.
but photographs remind
how absolutely real it was--
as real as it can get.

you are one of a kind.


new feeling, new attitude.

with new hair always comes a new attitude, a new feeling and therefore new photos.

new hair for the both of us.

what happens when we make spontaneous decisions at 3 in the morning.



i like this red-headed roommate of mine.

roomie love.

brought together by fate, we couldn't be a more perfect fit.
apt #404 is a pretty great place to be.


some melodies that might make you shed a tear or two.

they sure did get to us as we sat in the parking lot looking up at this view.

what a beautifully magnificent building.


hey yeah, don't let 'em know we're coming. hey yeah, tiptoe higher.

just imagine these dragons.

her first concert experience. she fell in love.

some nice quality iphonography right here because weber is awesome and wouldn't let me take my camera in.
needless to say, the concert was incredible and we might've high-fived all of their hands right before they walked back on stage for their encore.

digital art.

you could say it's a self portrait.

2-D Design Art 1120
professor: Mateo Rudea
medium: Adobe Illustrator
25 Oct 2013


things college professors make you watch.

ha so true. so, so true.

very, very thought provoking.  I like the ideas this proposes.


a thing called fall break.

it may sound a little foreign to you provo dwellers, but it is a beautiful, wonderful thing.
while some of my roommates scuttled south, 
i spent most of mine none other than dwelling in provo (oh, the irony).
from annual family "deer hunt parties" to visiting (not so) long-lost best friends who are students there.
the weekend was filled with 
sleepovers in king sized beds, 
wrestling (like for real, i was taken to the ground), 
cheesy potatoes,
film slides,
parking spots with my name on them, 
a fresh haircut, 
scattered reminders, 
cold outdoor sporting events,
temple visits that felt like home, 
lots of boy talk and 
of course so much abrupt, uncontrollable laughter.
needless to say, it was a reviving break
and i am so grateful for so many people in my life.
now I'm ready to hit the grinding stone in preparation for midterm exams and projects.


resurfacing remnants.

remnants of last year's october are surfacing and i am 
re-feeling the thrilling moments that are held in its dearest palms.

the emotion may be long-full, but never pained.
for I would rather feel this than nothing at all.

one year ago from today i went on a date with a boy i'd never had a full conversation with; 
asking him was one of the best decisions i ever made.



sitting here watching
slide after slide,
all i want to do
is add my side
to the family story.



looking back to a year ago
reading daily entries,
i'm astonished.

so many experiences i hadn't lived,
so much life i hadn't yet come to know.

and then a year passed and I lived them all,
i became acquainted with those life moments.
i was there when they were broken, i was there when they felt free.
i was there when they were worried or stressed or wondering what was next.
i was there when they were full of gratitude and hope.

and i loved them.

but now they're gone.
just pen on pages and memories fading.

now i have a new set of experiences to live,
more life to get to know.
and who knows what their names will be 
or what they'll look like.

you see, it's a daily process to become acquainted with life.
each and every day coming to know the moments that build ours.
it's a process that will take a whole lifetime
up to the day of our dying breath
(and it probably won't end there either)

but we will never know what life has in store
until the experience over.

all we will ever know is what we're living now.
all we really have is the moment we're in.

some past accounts.

time has passed,
the feelings have slipped my memory.
i'd forgotten how exciting it was,
how happy those days were,
how perfectly things fell into place.

i couldn't be more grateful for the accounts that 
have those special days recorded on paper.
where a year later I can read and be reminded
that it really did match up.
every page has the same happy line written on it.

while on my knees, i was overwhelmed; 
sobbing with a smile on my lips.
"I don't now what the future holds, but I know we've come this far
and from here I'm leaving it up to you.
please help things to happen how they're suppose to--
that i will feel the way i'd always hoped i would.
but until then, prepare me.
teach me what i should know 
so i can feel that way.
and among all this searching, let me know that the day will come.
that one day, all this will make sense."


roommates who go to white out games together
stick together.
(and have THE best of times, all the time)


playing hot lava.

it's all fun and games until the dreamcatcher chair breaks.
never fear, multi-colored duct tape can come in handy.

*while continually refreshing both of our emails*

"nicole sometimes my life is so good and i have the best luck and you have the worst;
i'm sorry for you but i'm so happy for me."

wait what? it's 4 am?

pillow talk and story time for days.



singing in the car, gettin' lost upstate.

your sweet disposition and my wide-eyed gaze.
singing in the car, getting lost upstate.
autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place,
and i can picture it after all these days.