I feel like art is a concept that human kind will never be able to resolve in a specific definition.  Why? Because every individual has a different story, every mind observes and processes things a little differently, and no one can tell one person how to think.  Because of this I feel like the definition of art can differ between individuals.  However, I also feel like it can be given identity to an extent.  In A Short Guide to Writing About Art by Sylvan Barnet, many ideas and quotes are provided to work towards a definition of what art is.  One of these quotes is by Suzanne K. Langer, she said, “Art is the objectification of feeling.”  I highly agree with this statement.  When ever I am compelled to create something it is because I am feeling something.  There’s an urge to express the emotion that is overwhelming my mind.  I also like the idea from our textbook that art is a form of language--a way to communicate and convey the emotions, ideas, and vision that brim the edges of the soul.

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