wind caves.

started my freshman year with this hike and now i'm closing the year with it.
reflecting on the incredible and impactful experiences this year has brought me.

hiking with these lovelies was well, lovely!


my fourth floor sistas.

so there are these girls that i have become inseparable with.
we call each other the fourth floor sisters because we met and bonded on the fourth floor of rich hall.

on our last sunday evening together we held a ritual and created a time capsule.
we gathered all the little momentos and trinkets that held memories of our freshman year
and packed it all into one can along with our hypothesis marriage list and predictions of where each of us will be come summer 2016.

because that's when we will open it, once every one is back from their missions.

we read out lists and danced to our classic parking lot dance party songs before closing the ceremony.

so many memories with these girls, in this place.
not even a large tin container can hold them all.


keep it country.

i wasn't a Scotty McCreery fan before, but his show was really great.  I also had a good time with my girls.

let's just take a second to acknowledge that an account with a check mark tweeted me back. #famous


concrete jungle.

there's always an adventure to be had in logan.
this one finally came true.