wolf bite: ultraviolet - EP

june and fall remind me of your music, keep it coming
because you never seem to disappoint.

perfectly said adam young.


strawberry days

the most wonderful time of the year.



tonight my heart goes out to this place. I'm sure it's beautiful.


slights moments.

it's in these slight moments
that i feel the realness of a God in heaven.
i wish to keep them with me always
but most times it's not in my favor
because life is life--
it comes full force 
with worries & stresses,
with trials and tests.
but you know the secret? 
that's why we're here for.
and when in the majority of moments
of doubt and wonder
i cling to faith because
i think that's what it's here for?
faith isn't for the slight moments of surety;
it's for the moments of majority.
the ones we don't feel a pull from heaven.
because what type of teacher be God
if given the answers during the test?
why you see,
He waits, because He believes.
we've been prepared before we arrived.
spirit sons & daughters all the same.
we agreed with enthusiasm to come and survive
& now that we reside, we mustn't regret
out beautiful choice to live this beautiful life
that comes full force (worries and trials alike)
because our teacher offers us the best in line
a savior--so personal, so perfect devine
we must hold tight 
grains of mustard seed faith.
it's with moment of surety 
we mustn't be slight.