all in favor.

there's something unique about being a runner. it's like you're apart of this special group.  you know a secret the rest of the world doesn't.  something you can only know if you put yourself through the enduring pain and ultimate test of mental strength.

that's what i do every day. 
some people dance for the whole high school to see, some people put on a helmet and pads and tackle opponents, some people perform dramas on stage, while others are elected by the student body to represent it. 

what do i do?

i don't just put one foot in front of the other.
but i do it in the blazing heat. i do it in freezing temperatures.  i do it long. i do it fast. i do it repeatedly.  i do it when i have a million other things to do.  i do it even when it's the one thing on earth that i do not want to do in that moment.  but i still do it. and with determination and favorness. 

it's too bad the whole school doesn't get to see what i do,
like it does the others that are more visible. 
maybe then it could impress; i could possibly be considered "cool". 

but then this is only a single aspect. 
think of all the others i, myself, can not see.

in reality, every person that walks the halls of a highschool has something "cool" about them.  everybody retains something that is impressive. 
so really why are there "popular" people and "maybe not as popular" people? answer: because "coolness" is only visible to the majority of a highschool in certain cases. 
if so, why not treat everybody according to the standards of the "coolness" they deserve?  because it is there,
sometimes it's just hidden and we have to look harder to see it.


he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me.

if i didn't worry about love so much, i'd have a perfectly unharmed flower.


my mission statement.

I will be my best self.

I will take opportunity and look for the beauty in things.

I will work hard for the things I’m passionate about.

I will seek after anything that is good.

I will be a balanced and complete soul;
educating my mind, my heart, and my spirit.

I will be strong and always faithful,
no matter where this life takes me.

I will do my best to be genuinely kind, forgiving, and charitable;
putting the needs of others before my own.

I will remember that people are more important,
especially the ones that mean most to me.

I will never compromise my integrity for
something that is of lesser value.

I will keep a perfect brightness of hope and
an eternal perspective in mind.

I will always remember my Savior and my God;
for I owe everything to them.

i will persevere and endure to the end.


the high school.

it's the destination every morning nine out of twelve months for three important years.
it's where we celebrate victorious wins.
it's where we have occasionally dance parties in the parking lot.
it's where we dominate in calculus tests.
it's where we meet early in the morning to race.
it's where we remember we forgot our homework.
it's where we get dressed up and attend a dance with a date.
it's where we fall asleep during class.
it's where we walk through the halls and smile at strangers.
it's where we shove our way to the front of the lunch line.
it's where we perform our choral music after rehearsing hours on end.
it's where we hold practice and go run and run and run.
it's where we return after a lunch on the town.
it's where we briskly walk to make it to class on time.
it's where we brush past that guy and swoon.
it's where we gaze upon our beautiful turf and stadium.
it's where we feel lost amongst the crowd.
it's where we can stand out and have a shinning moment.
it's our roots.
it's the core.
it's where we belong.

and this year is it's 100th year birthday
All Hail to Old PG High.


and i just ran out of band-aids.

it's definitely not a stab through the heart any more,
but it still may leave a pinch now and again.

"you never really can fix a heart."



It's moments like this i hold on to.
because right now they can only be just that.
i let go of the invisible ties of imperfection and
i grasp this single moment of ideal.
i took it while it was there.
then the magic fell into place.
it fit.

it's a realiztion of the current contentness.
life is good.
high school life is good.
bliss is only sometimes disguised.
in the moment it's identity is revealed.
and i am un-blinded
gratitude washes over me because of it.

thanks hunter (: it was flawless.


junior year homecoming 2011.


from sixteen to seventeen.

16 reasons why i loved the past year:
  1. being able to date (of course)
  2. getting my drivers license (even if it took forever)
  3. going on choir tour and 2 cali trips total
  4. driving my own car around
  5. coming to high school as a sophomore and dating the senior captain of the football team
  6. starting this blog
  7. getting more photography business-assisting a wedding
  8. summer of the brothers. missionary brothers. one return. one leaving.
  9. learning to love to read and write
  10. completing my summer bucket list
  11. looking forward to and going to that concert
  12. being converted to Harry Potter
  13. making new best friends
  14. keeping in touch and continuing the tradition with the original best friends
  15. coming back to running. realizing i'm in for life
  16. learning more about myself

17 goals for the next coming year:
  1. pass AP calculus test
  2. pass AP US history test
  3. recieve my first kiss
  4. attend the biggest party of my life (choir tour)
  5. go to all the school dances, make each one a blast
  6. earn my honor bee
  7. continue photo business-get in some big shoots
  8. run a 1/2 marathon
  9. take the ACT (multiple times)
  10. complete my junior year with a GPA of 4.0
  11. take some of my favorite photos yet (people and personal ones)
  12. get a PR in one of my XC races
  13. finish reading Harry Potter series
  14. finish writing my Junior Year novel
  15. Find a path for college start applying for scholarships
  16. serve people daily
  17. learn more about myself

livin' the dream



    For me, there are many things that bring a peace of mind and make me feel inspired.  There are various items I could consider my rainmaker.
    The number one thing that inspires me most is photography; capturing light in a unique way to create an image that causes emotion.  When I am somewhere with my Nikon around my neck and the golden light catches the scene perfectly, I am at one with myself.   The sound created by the flip of the shutter is like music to my ears. It gratifies my eardrums tremendously.  The moment is preserved and I feel complete.
    During instants like this, or even anything that gets me thinking on a deeper level, I write down a thought or two.   I strive to convey my feelings in a unique way of words.  Or when other pieces of writing catch my lyrical eye,
    I remember them and write them down also. 

    There is one place where these items converge.  It’s my blog site; which is titled the same as this paper.  It’s here that I post photos I take, ideas I write, or other’s creations that I love.  It’s where I connect with the language of my soul.  Expressing my personal thoughts really helps me to analyze myself and the situations I’m in.  It provides a peace of mind and a clarity that sometimes I fall back on.


    in honor of.

    in honor of
    honey banana sandwiches
    hearing adam young for the first time
    grove creek
    that day
    cross country
    the old team
    the feeling i got after racing
    the blistering afternoon heat
    the canal
    the 2009 XC state championship
    the rest of the owl city album
    hiking the G
    science demo
    clear creek
    being G

    in honor of

    hiking a top timp for my first time
    bruno mars' just the way you are
    that day
    advanced womens singing fire
    extra early out mondays
    the feeling i got after a good run
    my sweet 16 birthday party
    the san francisco trip
    wearing the teal scarf
    my boots
    pleasant grove high school
    morning calls
    the secret spot

    in honor of the way things used to be.

    but things change, people change, life it's self changes.
    and thats just the way it is.



    it's easy to keep the standards when it's easy.
    but it's the hard times that really matter;
    it's then which your true standards become determined.


    busy busy busy.

    waking up. going. coming home. repeat.

    practice every day. distance runs: mondays wednesdays fridays. speed work outs: tuesdays thursdays. races: weekends.

    b-day: pile it on. a-days: not so much. calculus (thank goodness for math lab). choir self evaluations. chemistry. reading. us history. financial parent discussions. english papers. lots of learning and remembering to be done. and to make sure it's done.

    editing. shooting. processing. editing. more editing. oh and more editing. (photoshop has become my best friend)

    sundays of course. laurel presidency. meetings. firesides. and even tuesday mutuals.  everybody would rather be somewhere else getting something else done. but that doesn't mean we just don't go. (it's not: "what can the activity do for me, it's what can i do for the activity?")

    the social life.
    homecoming prep. asking/answering. dress shopping. shoe shopping. football games. parties. friendly visits. late night hang outs. laughing. excitement.

    i seem to do it a lot lately.

    it almost gets to a point where it's just a waste of time.

    blogging and/or facebook.
    it keeps me sane.

    i just can't seem to get enough of it.

    PE online. hiking mountains. cleaning room. writing missionarys. cleaning house. writing in journal. cleaning shop. reading scriptures. cleaning car. personal progress with kim.

    oh yeah and let's go ahead and sign up for piano lessons.

    this is a place
    where "mediocrity is not acceptable."


    a journey.

    Labor Day 2nd annual tradition.
    Hike a top Mt. Timpanogos.

     snow caves

     the peak behind us? yeah we still had to hike to the top of it.

     the meadow was gorgeous this year.

    the saddle.

     the top (:

     the view. (left: utah county. right: heber valley.)

     the shack.



     now just walkin' across the top.


     sliding down.

    emerald lake.
    12 hours round trip. so worth it. even if it still wasn't the same as last year.


    that's what i hope for you.

    here's a remedy for happiness:

    "see heaven's hand
    find courage and
    enjoy the view
    let faith take lead
    have dreams to reach
    and angels to guide you
    have joy to share
    have kindness to spare
    and love to hold on too."

    listening is even better.


    september is kind.

    there is excitement in the air.
    there is hope on the horizon.
    it's september.
    out of the twelve months,
     this one wins the race.
    and by land slide.
    i have my fondest memories at this time of year.
    and i'm not quite sure exactly why.
    maybe it's the way the light hits the the land and sets it a blaze.
    maybe it's the freshness of the school year that is still in tact.
    maybe it's being at all those football games.
    maybe it's because i am racing.
    maybe it's becoming one year older.
    maybe it's due to the memories of septembers past.
    maybe it's because this is the time when we always seem to re-connect.
    maybe it's the feeling of light being an abundance.
    what ever it is.
    this time radiates joy.
    it brings me happiness.

    september is always kind to me.

    a prayer.

      I am so grateful
    for who I am
    and what I know.
      Through whatever may happen
    please help me
    to continue to grow.


    the turning point.

    The races began to start. i warmed up alone.  got the course in my head. then i was on the starting line again not sure if i was ready to do this so soon after the race just two days before.  "there's more to running than just being fast" is what should have been said. then the gun goes off. a familiar sound not heard for a while.  i find my self in the midst of a stampede, rubbing elbows with the beastess next to me.  we both end up giggling because of it.  i got an aggressive, good start.  after it, i settled in. but not to comfortably.  i re-focused.  all the sudden i was passing the first mile marker.  the time 7:03 was shouted at me.  it couldn't be?  another big loop around the field finishing 2 miles, about 15 minutes had ticked by.  coming up on the last 1,000 meters i was ready to be done, but i pushed through.  until the final sprint to the finish.  my time 23:02. realizing that was a minute and a half faster than two days ago.  i crossed the line starting to cry maybe even a little hyperventilating.  realizing i didn't even come close to this time last season.  this season and last season are like night and day. already.  i can do this.  i did do this. i am doing this. i am a cross country runner.  i recieve a pleasantly unusual praise from my coaches. "this race was yours. it didn't matter about who else was running it.  you pushed yourself.  your hard work is paying off.  you're Trusting in your Training, and i'm lovin this new runner."
    ladies and gentlemen, i'm back.
    i know how to race again.
    and it feels good.


    new era.september issue.page fourteen

    it's been almost a year since i submited the article.
    now i'm finally published.

    the front:
    (of the young women portion)

    page fourteen:

    find a magazine near you & read it.
    i'll be signing autographs later.