busy busy busy.

waking up. going. coming home. repeat.

practice every day. distance runs: mondays wednesdays fridays. speed work outs: tuesdays thursdays. races: weekends.

b-day: pile it on. a-days: not so much. calculus (thank goodness for math lab). choir self evaluations. chemistry. reading. us history. financial parent discussions. english papers. lots of learning and remembering to be done. and to make sure it's done.

editing. shooting. processing. editing. more editing. oh and more editing. (photoshop has become my best friend)

sundays of course. laurel presidency. meetings. firesides. and even tuesday mutuals.  everybody would rather be somewhere else getting something else done. but that doesn't mean we just don't go. (it's not: "what can the activity do for me, it's what can i do for the activity?")

the social life.
homecoming prep. asking/answering. dress shopping. shoe shopping. football games. parties. friendly visits. late night hang outs. laughing. excitement.

i seem to do it a lot lately.

it almost gets to a point where it's just a waste of time.

blogging and/or facebook.
it keeps me sane.

i just can't seem to get enough of it.

PE online. hiking mountains. cleaning room. writing missionarys. cleaning house. writing in journal. cleaning shop. reading scriptures. cleaning car. personal progress with kim.

oh yeah and let's go ahead and sign up for piano lessons.

this is a place
where "mediocrity is not acceptable."

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