today was wednesday.

so i know this guy. pretty well actually.
he's phenominal. and he thinks the same of me too.
it seems to work out nicely.


arise & shine forth.

general young womens broadcast.

in my notes:

the best meeting i've been to in a while
what a great way to
start of general conference!


welcome spring :)



pulling a real all-nighter...

(waking up thursday morning at 6:45, staying awake all day
and all through thursday night.
bearing the early morning hours of friday, when everyone else catches 2-3 hours of sleep
you're still awake.
as 7:45 draws nearer
you stand on the 24 hour mark.
you shower, get ready, and go to school.
no napping after it either.
doing some homework, getting some work done.
then, later, you enjoy your friday night like normal; going to a school dance.
returning home about midnight
and not falling asleep until 1 am.
a grand total of a 41 hour span of
no sleep whats so ever.)

...may cause extreme cases of brief vertigo
slight impulses of nausea.

Other wise it will cause you to believe that you'd
never need sleep again
because it makes a day at school more interesting
and leaves you feeling euphoric.

it's all about the mental strength.

s p o n t a n e o u s.

date: spencer diehl!


then they spontaneously decided to jump in..

there also might have been some planking involved..

haha what a great night.

may the odds be ever in your favor.

i have to admit, i'm not really a die-hard hunger games fan. 
don't get me wrong, though, i loved every second of that movie. 
i thought it was very well made. the set and casting were perfect.
but i was more in it for the late night movie premeire and high school memories.
which did, in course, happen.

and now i am still awake and i'm about to get ready for school. yay!



random facts.

yesterday i wrote a letter to my future self.

every day when i am sitting in my room staring at my wall i think:
"man, i just really love that color".
the older you get the more formal greetings you encounter.
i have two babies: my nikon & my hyundai elantra.

one of my mom and i's favorite pastimes is looking on pinterest and laughing out loud.

i confess to having a crush on every animated male disney character.

my cat has mood swings like a 13 year old girl.
maybe it's because we never call him by the same name.
i thoroughly enjoy playing words with friends. even though i don't have a device that does.
i refer to the men on american currency and the founding fathers on a first name basis.

yes, i do wear my watch on the inside of my wrist. always. it's a runner thing.

i like my hair longer than shorter.

this is my favorite song today.

that is me in my front yard.  because this weather is amazing :)


    sweater swing 2012.

    date: logan rogers!

    group: a goooooood one!

     the theme: footloose. 
    so, naturally, we went to lehi roller mills to take these photos.

    they turned out  a w e s o m e.

     lights on:

     lights off:


    a day's work.

    first, something real:

    now, something just obsurd:
    HZCFxr on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

    haha, well that was fun.


    be aware of the world you're living in.

    got to admit, this video gets me motivated to join the army of peace.
    To be apart of a coming of a new age; global unity.



    Do you ever have those days when you feel like a different person.
    You've returned from a journey. Something has changed.
    You don't remember yesterday as only that.
    It seems like then, you were an older self. But now, you're someone new.
    You've grown, expanded.
    New windows open up. New ideas flood through.
    Your mind is invigorated; your soul, inspired.

    I guess it's these minuscule pivotel moments that shape us into who we are.



    It dawned on me, the sun.
    A funny thing, usually it is in hiding about now.

    But this time around, the sky has been clearer; the sun, brighter.
    Its rays reach across my soul and warm my heart.

    What a sunny winter it has been.
    Possibly the brightest I can recall.

    It gets warmer and warmer day by day.
    A little bit of shine.

    It's the small things that cause the slow increase.
    Until the light radiates and I can feel the heat surround me.

    I like that feeling.

    My outsides sense it;
    My insides embrace it.

    Sunshine is always needed, even at the slight.
    Sometimes, though, its lack thereof is necessary.
    The cold can teach.

    Our hearts rotate through seasons.

    As of right now,
    I am basking in the light.



    it's not something that is learned.
    it's something that is given, and something i've had to discover.

    it's who i am, it's what i do.