pulling a real all-nighter...

(waking up thursday morning at 6:45, staying awake all day
and all through thursday night.
bearing the early morning hours of friday, when everyone else catches 2-3 hours of sleep
you're still awake.
as 7:45 draws nearer
you stand on the 24 hour mark.
you shower, get ready, and go to school.
no napping after it either.
doing some homework, getting some work done.
then, later, you enjoy your friday night like normal; going to a school dance.
returning home about midnight
and not falling asleep until 1 am.
a grand total of a 41 hour span of
no sleep whats so ever.)

...may cause extreme cases of brief vertigo
slight impulses of nausea.

Other wise it will cause you to believe that you'd
never need sleep again
because it makes a day at school more interesting
and leaves you feeling euphoric.

it's all about the mental strength.

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