just normal.

"Anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that he's been robbed.  The fact is most putts don't drop, most beef is tough, most children grow up to be just people, most successful marriages require a high degree of mutual toleration, most jobs are more often dull than otherwise.  Life is like an old-time rail journey... delays, side tracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts interspersed only occassionally by beautiful vistas, and thrilling burts of speed."

this quote is code for:
right now, life is good
even though it's not full of bliss.


school is good.

good thing we're back,
because i've learned some essential things already this week.
here are just a few:

bill gates and mr. durfee share something special. a birthday. october 28th to be exact.

japanese pirates are ninjas in disguise & Christopher Columbus was the first real gangster.
the 2011 camaro is a bad-A car.

disney's the lion king resembles the plan of salvation perfectly even with out R.M. vision on.

if you leave running shoes in boiling hot temperatures that accumulate in a car, the shoes will melt. literally.

now for something real:
"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."



"sometimes i think about the way things used to be
had it all figured out when i was two or three
then i made some mistakes that i regret
let some things in my mind that i wish could forget
but i don't think i could erase these memories
thats why i'm down here on my knees

i'm wondering
if you're listening to me
just wondering
who i'm suppose to be
i'm just wondering
if there's more to life than what i see
i'm wondering, just wondering

oh Lord my God when i am lost
and wonder about the man on that cross
and all the pain i put him through
and everything that i still do
which drop of blood did i make him shed?
did i put the thorns onto his head?
i try to do what the Savior said
but i slip all the time on the path he led

i'm wondering
if you're listening to me
just wondering
who i'm suppose to be
i'm just wondering
if there's more to life than what i see
i'm wondering, just wondering

just when i think these prayers are in vain
i feel a power my heart that releaves my pain
so let these words get past your brain
stop wondering
stop wondering

'cause i know that our Fathers love is real
open your heart and let it feel
cause i've never felt this love before
and i'm not wondering anymore

i'm not wondering

i'm not wondering wondering any more
wondering wondering any more.."

(click here to listen)
-Aaron Edson

these words are true. why else would they make me simply cry
on an evening when i realized i needed them,
and have for a while?


welcome junior year.

you have come quick, but
if i have a bucket list for you, it would be as followed:

1.  prepare to pass the AP calculus test.
2. actually pass the AP calculus test.
the end.

well maybe some other items like 'go to school dances' and 'run some good races';
things of that sort would be on there too.

lets just say this is how my schedule will go for the next 9 months of my life:

a one: ap math lab - smithson
a two: a capella - wilcock
a three: financial lit - durfee / gov & cit - nancy
a four: seminary :)

b one: ap calculus - smithson
b two: ap u.s. history - newman
b three: english h - robertson
b four: chemistry - van dijk

it's like day and night.
but i'm pretty much stoked.
even if it does blow my mind.
let's make this a good one (:


summer love.

every girl wants a cute love story written in her summer.
for me, there was no male involved, but merely other things.

my summer loves of 2011:

crossing items off of this summer bucket list.
the board game of ticket to ride (roasted my family the other day with a whopping final score of 158)
harry potter.
the summer of the brothers.
missions and missionaries.
of course, blogging. being apart of the blogosphere.
being friends with the sister.
taking photos. editing photos.
summer seminary.
assisting a wedding with a pro-photographer
visiting kim
new room. fresh paint. vintage look.
getting back into running
taking naps on my backyard swing
fixing myself a dish of icecream then enjoy eating it
thunder storms
new owl city music, seeing adam perform it live
finishing some of my dad's races with him
sick running shoes
young women leaders
sunshine & heat
local corn


object out of place.

sometimes it's like a strawberry on a plate of kiwis.

(photo: kaila moore)


i am constantly disconnected.
there are moments when i feel at one with myself.
because i really do try my best.
but then there are others when the line goes dead.
the language i can no longer speak.
from a logical perspective the memory is ideal.
but lurking in the shadows is that void.
i can never seem to shake it off
though at times it appears as if i can,
as if i believe so myself.
or is it all just in my head?


the notes were in sync with the way the telephone poles rose and fell.
the beat matched the lines on the road as they passed by.
the melody equaled the greatness of the towering earth.
the words were parallel to how small i was compared to it.


blue skys, swingin' high.

it's not that i don't want school to start,
it's that i don't want summer to end.
summer, you've come to an end too quickly.
on your next visit, please book a longer stay.
thank you.


i opened my cookie and read this.
i'm pretty excited for my future now.


cAndo (not really) cObin trip.

ladies and gentlemen, here is the documenation of the 4th annual beef trip.
do you remember this friendship? well, it still thrives and we have this tradition.
the past three years it has been held at the cObin, but last year we sold it.
so this year monalisa (my mom) took us to park city to stay in a cAndo.
we do things like pull an all nighter, make music videos for our adoring fans,
and basically just be beefy. 
this year was quite the experience.

after shopping we devoured a
glorious dinner at Main Street Pizza & Noodle.

Dolly's book store: cats live there.


we are beef.


nightly photos.

then we got ke$ha-ized.

this was the last picture taken before we realized
the door to get back inside was locked.
there was no way inside.
so we waited for mon to wake up to free us.
we waited for two hours.
in awful conditions. (ok it wasn't that bad)
but it was still a dumb situation to be in.
it was hilarious. something we'll never forget.

our plan was to make a ke$ha music video. we planned to make it epic.
then we got locked out on a deck. those plans got changed.
though mace did do a fabulous job of putting something together
using the footage we already had.

the next day when we were still awake from the day before
we went on the alpine slide.

 (yes i did take pictures while riding)

then it was time to say good bye to the cAndo
and hello to another year as beefy friends.

love you guys (:


breathe again.

all i have, all i need
he's the air i would kill to breathe
holds my love in his hands
still i'm searching for something
out of breath i am left
hoping someday..
i will breathe again,

i will breathe again,

i will breathe again.

-sara bareilles


top down.

going from driving the suburban..

to this:

(cassie's a good model, and maren's a good driver.)

 (best two photos of the night)

 we so excited.

is livin' the dream.


the bearded man shirt.

here's a little what the night consisted of.
pretty much the coolest shirt. ever. 

 i was thinkin arby's, cause it's good mood food.

church chairs from the 70's. prime.
and of course just a bit of unicylcing.