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i stand in a playground abundant with tykes.
i guess i better take a seat
and enjoy the view awhile
because i still have some time here.
and when it's gone,
i won't be able to get it back.
we've been playing hide-n-seek
i am still hiding.
because for some reason
(that i'm not quite sure of myself)
i don't care to come out.
i claimed to hate it out there,
that may not be so true any more
but it still has some accuracy.
due to many, many things.
just the whole load.

it's almost as if i should write something similar to this
that feeling is partly why this game is still going on
if at all, not specifics, just in general.

if you are not sure what these words mean
join the club, neither do i.
if you think you might have a clue
stop, because you're probably off.

i probably just needed time to recoup
and figure out some things
so lets push it aside, no comments or questions,
and continue to play
for now

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