cAndo (not really) cObin trip.

ladies and gentlemen, here is the documenation of the 4th annual beef trip.
do you remember this friendship? well, it still thrives and we have this tradition.
the past three years it has been held at the cObin, but last year we sold it.
so this year monalisa (my mom) took us to park city to stay in a cAndo.
we do things like pull an all nighter, make music videos for our adoring fans,
and basically just be beefy. 
this year was quite the experience.

after shopping we devoured a
glorious dinner at Main Street Pizza & Noodle.

Dolly's book store: cats live there.


we are beef.


nightly photos.

then we got ke$ha-ized.

this was the last picture taken before we realized
the door to get back inside was locked.
there was no way inside.
so we waited for mon to wake up to free us.
we waited for two hours.
in awful conditions. (ok it wasn't that bad)
but it was still a dumb situation to be in.
it was hilarious. something we'll never forget.

our plan was to make a ke$ha music video. we planned to make it epic.
then we got locked out on a deck. those plans got changed.
though mace did do a fabulous job of putting something together
using the footage we already had.

the next day when we were still awake from the day before
we went on the alpine slide.

 (yes i did take pictures while riding)

then it was time to say good bye to the cAndo
and hello to another year as beefy friends.

love you guys (:

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