welcome junior year.

you have come quick, but
if i have a bucket list for you, it would be as followed:

1.  prepare to pass the AP calculus test.
2. actually pass the AP calculus test.
the end.

well maybe some other items like 'go to school dances' and 'run some good races';
things of that sort would be on there too.

lets just say this is how my schedule will go for the next 9 months of my life:

a one: ap math lab - smithson
a two: a capella - wilcock
a three: financial lit - durfee / gov & cit - nancy
a four: seminary :)

b one: ap calculus - smithson
b two: ap u.s. history - newman
b three: english h - robertson
b four: chemistry - van dijk

it's like day and night.
but i'm pretty much stoked.
even if it does blow my mind.
let's make this a good one (:

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