back to where you are.

Yesterday I took the long way home
Worlds away from the noise I know
It never felt so good to be alone

Summer haze, burning through my soul
Dusty lane, mid the fields of gold
And poppies growing all along the row

Pictures in the sky seem to wave goodbye
To what's behind me
And questions why begin to die
As evening finds me following the stars
Back to where You are

Memories dance, and move across the plains
And in a glance they've gone and flown away
Oh, let me not forget that You don't change

The pictures in the sky seem to wave goodbye
To what's behind me
And questions why begin to die
As evening finds me following the stars
Back to where You are

And there were times I tried to hide the light inside
Then it grew dim, so dark within, trapped in this skin
Until You came and I am safe again

The pictures in the sky seem to wave goodbye
To what's behind me
And questions why begin to die
As you remind me...

The pictures in the sky seem to wave goodbye
To what's behind me
And questions why begin to die
As you remind me it's really not that far

Back to where You are

Back to where You are (x4)
To where You are, oh
Back to where You are

 -mindy gledhill



caught in the now.

sometimes we get caught in the now.

take a second to look back and see how far you've come
and realize you are a living a life full of things that were merely hopes and dreams 
5 years ago.


the scene.

it's more beautiful than
words can describe.
thats why i turn to
photographing as my means of preservation.
but sometimes even then it can't be done justice.
because it's hard to capture emotion.
you can't bottle a beautiful feeling and
put it on your shelf for display.
but i guess thats what I try to do,
and a photograph will have to suffice for now.
i think
heaven is a place
where time and space aren't measured
and beautiful emotions hang like photos on a wall.
a place where happiness shines through
our eyes and smiles.
there, we are people framed with light.
and maybe that's why golden lighting
makes for an ideal looking photo
because light is the closest thing we
have to heaven's glory.


choir tour 2013.

was that even real?
i guess here are some pictures to prove it.
but it still seems too good to be true.

cars land is so sweet.

my definition of the week: these guys.

my crew.

one of the best parts of the tour: world of color



i guess the world loves disneyland so much
because it's the closest thing it has
to a place where cleanliness, love and pure joy can be felt.
but i've noticed even mickey's magic has a piece missing.
i'm so grateful that i can go to the real place to find that completing piece
and carry it with me where ever i go.


creating art.

sometimes i wish i could
pick up a pencil and sketch
the future, just to see what
it would look like--
but then i remember,
i'm not nearly as good
an artist as God is.

1 -> to cali.

every generation needs a boy band that sings about young love and livin' free.
i'm afraid this is my fourth.
you better believe this will be on repeat during my 12 hour bus rides to and from southern california.
i'm peacin' out for sunshine and disney magic with my best friends.


When you find photos like these on your phone >>>


the point.

there comes a point.
a point of complete contentness
of self worth
self satisfication.

you're comfortable with who you are.
you love it actually.
you know who matters to you
and you're not worried about the others opinions.
because you feel good
and help others feel the same way too.

there comes a point.
a point when you have so much
going for you
and at least once a day
you notice how full of
gratitude your heart is.

you're excited for where you are going.
you can't wait actually.
you know what you want in life
and you're not worried you won't get it.
because you make things happen
and work hard to reach your goals.

(though things don't always work in your favor.)

there comes a point.
a point when you realize
it's up to you--your happiness.
you decide how to respond
to you're circumstances
and you choose the positive.

and your life is lookin the brightest it's ever been.


it was a good day to be a senior.

the All Direction boy band.

seriously about the greatest thing to ever happen. everyone was goin' nuts.

the seniors obviously took the title.

class of 2013


water night.

that is a beautiful, beautiful truth.
i'd say it sounds like this:


we were seniors, we ate dinner, then we danced.

my best friend since the 5th grade.

the boys.

my best friend since the 7th grade.
my best friend since the 12th grade.
(or the pre-mortal life.
we think both could be true.) 

(funny face, crazy hurr. don't curr.)

it was a defined senior memory, can't believe the memories with this title will be coming to a close soon.
"Young women, make sure your relationships with others are such that 40 years from now, you will not be embarrassed. No amount of peer pressure, no acceptance, no popularity is worth a compromise. Your influence on the young men will help them remain worthy of their priesthood power, of temple covenants, and of serving a mission. And who knows? Forty years from now, you may even have one of them walk up to you, there in your high school auditorium, and thank you for helping him remain worthy to fulfill his priesthood duty to serve an honorable mission. And who knows? You may even receive a letter from one of those young men’s wives, thanking you for the influence you had on her husband and their future family clear back in your high school days. Your choices matter. Your choices now not only affect you, but they also affect others. They are of eternal significance. Be not moved"
-Sister Elaine S. Dalton
or maybe i didn't even have to wait 40 years.

the best kind of heart ache:

the kind you have been preparing for.

the kind your best friend will wrap their arms around.

the kind you can take with a smile and gratitude.

the kind you know that your elder brother knows exactly how it feels.

"In the sky, I'm standing under all I see is endless rain
I think I spot a silver lining hiding in the gray
I might get tossed around, but I'm always bouncing back
Oh, oh, oh
I could give up, I could stay stuck, or I could move on,

So I put one foot front of the other,
No, no, no, 
nothing's gonna break my stride,
I keep climbing,
gonna keep fighting until I make it to the other side of down-own
Down-own, Down-whoa-ah-ow-own."
-david archuleta


deeper literature.

"People fail to realize that it is on the inside that God must be defended, not on the outside.  They should direct their anger at themselves.  For evil in the open is but evil from within that has been let out.  The main battlfield for good is not the open ground of the public arena but the small clearing of each heart."
--Yann Martel, Life of Pi (71)
i like books like this one--ones that discuss deeper concepts of life and pose abstract thoughts in the midst of an intriguing story.


what i'm looking for.

it's more than a list of qualities--
it's about character and soul;
goals and values;
the kind of life lived on a daily basis--
it's the things that invent the qualities on the list
that have to be closely observed.


the stand-by line.






i love this place, it's like disneyland
(p.s. which in 10 days, i'll be there)

i also love these people i went with.