the point.

there comes a point.
a point of complete contentness
of self worth
self satisfication.

you're comfortable with who you are.
you love it actually.
you know who matters to you
and you're not worried about the others opinions.
because you feel good
and help others feel the same way too.

there comes a point.
a point when you have so much
going for you
and at least once a day
you notice how full of
gratitude your heart is.

you're excited for where you are going.
you can't wait actually.
you know what you want in life
and you're not worried you won't get it.
because you make things happen
and work hard to reach your goals.

(though things don't always work in your favor.)

there comes a point.
a point when you realize
it's up to you--your happiness.
you decide how to respond
to you're circumstances
and you choose the positive.

and your life is lookin the brightest it's ever been.

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