historic women's meeting.

an amazing sight to see all women--young and old--gather together to hear inspiring messages.



coinciding paths.

coincidences on campus are a funny thing.
i think most of the time they aren't even coincidences
at all.
fate aligns people's paths so that they happen to be walking
at the same place, at the same time.

and most of the time, they are exactly who you need to see in that moment.


lake jumping

when you get a text from a good friend that says:
"hey, want to go jump in a lake?"
you always say yes, 
even if it is still march and the first semi-warm day of the year.



our lovely aggie spring break adventure in st. george :)

Spring Break 2014 from Nicole Tucker on Vimeo.

(inspired by my wonderful sister and her making of our oregon trip video, she gave me the motivation and the realization that i could actually do this!) 


bokeh lights.

spring break was good to us.


vegas. cuz why not?

a spontaneous trip to vegas for the day
to meet up with my brother and his homies
to shop the outlets and walk the strip.
i'm so glad the wonderful megan meyer joined me on the two hour drive south.