a thrilling performance.

Sara Bareilles
in concert
Park City, ut.

 she's so good, she pretty much sounds better live than she does in recording.

my concert goin' girl.

i am convinced that ryan tedder is a musical genius.

and he plays the piano like a maniac.

we really got this close to him.  at this point (pictured below) he was just standing right in front of us and i was holding onto his forearm while he stood there and sang.  

it was thrilling. 

some musicians just make sound
while others
create art.

i would consider both of these performers artists--their new albums the best of the year.
it all made for such an amazing show!


an art major.

it's gotta be the funnest major at the university.
or at least i think so.
from 2-D design to drawing to art history,
all of my classes fit right into the niche 
that my creative mind absolutely adores.

while every body else is stressing over math assignments, science labs, or english essays
and spends hundreds of dollars on textbooks
i will be purchasing art supplies and spending my time drawing away.
the pre-program classes will still be challenging, nonetheless,
but a challenge that my mind craves.


pretty views.

often, the town of provo and a place there called the mtc is on my mind.
the best days are when i get unexpected live updates of the pretty views there.
the sweetest part is he knows how much i'd care to see, 
so that's why he sends them personally.
day=made :)


college is crazy.

you guys, the college life can get crazy.
it's only been our first weekend 
and my roommates and i have learned that pretty well.



i like college.
the atmosphere here opens my mind
and lets it bask in warming information
causing it to constantly feel inspired, motivated, and grateful.
being around people who welcome and even encourage this mentality--
it's refreshing.

i think i'll stay.

and i couldn't be more thrilled to begin my own classes
and jump into the reason why we're all here.

(beautiful isn't it? it's only been 3 days and has already captured a piece of my heart.)

"Opportunity doesn't come more than once, 
engage in everything that comes your way."


pulling out of the driveway.


i've loved this place. 
i've fallen in all different kinds of love with every person i've associated with.
i truly have loved the life i've lived up to this point.
and even saying that, i feel like the word love is an understatement.

but as much as i have grown through every day during these (just shy of) 19 years
it's true that there's nothing more to gain here.
experience has culminated.
i gave adolescence all i had;
i've lived it to the fullest.
love and gratitude burst at its seams.

but now it's time--
time to take the necessary step 
time to jump this gap
time to keep moving forward.

with all due respect and regards 
to the life i've lived to the people i've lived it with,

i'm ready for new adventures.

progression is where i'm heading
and i can't find it here,
i'm too comfortable.

"there's no growth in the comfort zone
and there is no comfort in the growth zone."


the great eights.

you know those people in your life 
where you know the Lord put them there for a reason?
yeah, those people that randomly
appear and almost instantly, you click?

well, meet the "great eights"

we met on a saturday afternoon
and by the next sunday night
it'd felt like we'd been hanging out
all summer long,
though it'd only been 8 days.
somethings are just meant to be.
somethings are customized 
for intricate details we might not understand, just yet

but you live and you love it.
and you let it fill your soul with gratitude and happiness.