when I write do you read it?
when I speak do you listen?
when I am happy are you glad?
when I serve do you appreciate?
when I walk by do you notice?
when I am gone do you wish differently?
when I accomplish do you celebrate?
when I cry do you even care?


an ideal picnic.

 hikin' to the spot, just around the next 17 corners.

(our fail of a picture because i forgot my tripod, way to go nicole.
so the rest of the time i just stuck to taking the photos instead of being in them.)

(old fashioned sodas, my fav.)

i love these girls (:

my xc camp.

"Cross Country is not about
running the killer speed work outs or the extra long distance runs,
it's about showing up the day after,
ready to do it all over again."

Day one: finish the last little bit of dad's marathon with him. distance: 3 miles.

Day two: run the face of our mountains, provo canyon to cedar hills. distance: 7.5 miles.

Day three: in provo canyon, up to bridal veil falls and back. distance: 8 miles.

Day four: from the mountains to the lake and then some more. distance: 5.5 miles.

Day five: something faster, timed 5k. distance: 3.1 miles.

Day six: finish dad's half marathon with him. distance 4 miles.



summer rain.

i couldn't resist myself.
it was heavenly.

welcome to panama city.


"Dark and terrible times lie ahead and soon we must all face the choice between what is right, and what is easy."

-Professor Albus Dumbledore

there are many words to many people i'd like to add to this quote.
but they are probably better off left unsaid.

the throw down.

am i sad i won't be there with the team all week? yes.
am i glad i get to design my own runs, save $200,
     and still have my days to get stuff done? very.

alright. so here's the schedule for this week:

monday: finish the last little bit of dad's marathon with him. distance: 3 miles.
tuesday: run the face of our mountains, provo canyon to cedar hills. distance: 7.5 miles.
wednesday: in provo canyon, up to bridal veil falls and back. distance: 8 miles.
thursday: from the mountains to the lake and then some more. distance: 5.5 miles.
friday: something faster. distance: 3.1 miles.
saturday: fundraiser. distance: 0 miles?

& i'm feelin' pretty good.


you. me. & nothing else for miles.

i love being in the middle of no where, on top of a mountain.

views like this leave me in awe. they inspire me.


sky sailing.

this time is precious. this time is a treasure.

there's only thirteen weeks of this sunshine time.
only thirteen out of fifty-two.
thirteen that are unique from the rest.

a time to bask in sunshine.
a time to play.
a time to ride an old bike at dusk.
a time to stay outside into the evening.
a time to feel the warmth.
a time to listen to the language.
a time for sunkisses.
a time for memories.
a time for golden moments.
a time to feel free.

this time is limited. i am going to cherish every last drop.


he will be great.

just as i was starting to get use to all five of us being home at once, my brother left to become a brand new missionary. for the next two years he'll be serving in the panama, panama city mission. he'll be great. good luck brother!
one word.  family.
6DTotl on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs




i am in desperate need for money. why?

a) remodeling a bedroom isn't cheap. but luckily vintage things can be found at stores similar to savers, Ross, and D.I.
b) cross country camp is next week. am i going? don't ask me. i don't know the answer at this point.
c) junior year is approaching. school=new clothes. and if i want them to be nice, i have to pay the difference.
d) i am in need of some new running shorts to go with my snazzy new running shoes.
e) soon (hopefully!) i will have to pay for gasoline for a vehicle.
f) and maybe some cool seat covers for that vehicle too.
g) a hair cut is way past due.
h) so has been a new pair of shades.
i) selena is coming in concert and i want to attend.
j) if i get asked to homecoming, i get to buy a dress!

it's times like these that i wish i had a job.

but.. i am putting in some effort to make my situation brighter.

today i became $10 short of being broke. or in other words, i got $10 handed to me. 
for something that has been dormant under my bed for approximately 4 years. take a gander.

if you have ever sold something on ksl.com congratulations.
if you havn't, you should.  it's a great feeling.



The Gallery is now open and i recommend you take a peek.
right now, i'm just in this mood. editing these pictures helps me feel it.
i'll post new photos of new adventures when they arise,
so make sure to check back every so often.
and do enjoy. :)

that one time.

sometimes when you've never really seen any of the harry potter movies
you cram them all in the space of 4 days
before the last and final one comes out.
(but with the help of some professionals of course.)
and sometimes you start thinking in a british accent
because you've been exposed to it so much over an extended period of time.

sometimes after a day already chock-full of 3 movies and some harry potter scene it 
you stop at macey's to grab treats before you head to the movie theater at midnight.
and sometimes it's necessary to purchase a mountain dew.
sometimes you dress up and you feel awesome meeting the huge group there,
but sometimes you're the one on a date and you perfer it that way.
and sometimes you attend your first midnight premiere and it just is exciting to be there,
sometimes when ron and hermione finally kiss, you cheer and cheer
because you've been waiting for it all week.
and sometimes the end is just epic and you are so glad you've been converted.
sometimes you decide to stop at ihop afterward, for a bite to eat
even though it's the middle of the night.
and sometimes when you finally get home you decide to just stay up and watch the sunrise
because it already is.
sometimes you prepare for a day full of good attitude and chores
because sometimes thats what it's gonna take.

but sometimes,
it's worth it.


i'm still blown away.

it was worth it.
the count down far beyond 48 days was well worth it.
it was amazing. it was homie.  it was hot. it was sweaty. 
it was insane. it was real. it was adrenaline pumping.
it was party.
it was everything i expected and possibly more.
(minus vanilla twilight.
still can't believe he didn't sing it?)
by far one of the best concerts i've ever been to.
(and that's sayin' something)
thanks for the music.
thanks for the demonstration of the proper way to interpretive dance.
 and thanks for the memory.
i will tuck it safely away. it will be one i will always treasure.
because that fantasy of mine came true.

go jazz.



today has arrived.
 i've been waiting. we've been stoked.
it is going to be a party,
no matter what has tried to make it not so.
here are some lyrics i hope to hear tonight:

if we dissolved with out a trace, would the real world even care?

reality is a lovely place, but i wouldn't wanna live there.
i keep my knees black and blue cause they often hit the hardwood floor.
real life i'm sad to see you go, i'll miss you with all my heart, but i'd rather be alone.
there's somethin about you that makes me feel alive.

but if i reached for your hand would your eyes get wide?
oh telescope, keep your eye on my only hope. lest i blink and get swept off the narrow road. hercules ain't got nothin to say to me cause your not the blinding light that i need, for He is the saving grace of the Galaxies.
don't sweat under your over coat
if you can fly don't stop at the sky cause there are foot prints on the moon.

take a long hard look through your textbook cause i'm history.

after bombs go off the sun will still be shinning, because i've heard it's said that every mushroom cloud has a silver lining - though i'm always undermining.

i just don't percieve myself getting drowsy when cold integrity keeps me wide awake.

we'll take a long walk through the corn field and i'll kiss you between the ears.

swirl me around your room with feeling and as we twirl the glow and the dark stars on your ceiling will shine for us as love sweeps over the room cause we tend to make eachother blush.

so tell me darlin' do you wish we'd fall in love? yeah all the time, all the time.

i'd rather pick flowers instead of fights.

please don't let me go, i desperately need you.

chills run down my spine, as our fingers intwine and your sighs harmonize with mine.

if my heart was a compass you'd be north, if my heart was a house you'd be home.

i'd send a postcard to ya dear, cause i wish you were here.
the silence isn't so bad till i look at my hands and feel sad cause the spaces between my fingers are right where your's fit perfectly.
if you'd be a beautiful sound in the echos all around then i'd be your harmony.
we ran the race tracks through your mom's kitchen chairs, and fought the shadows back down your dark basement stairs.

let's spend the afternoon in a cold hot-air balloon.
i'll drag the anchor up and rest assure, cause dreams don't turn to dust.

i'm scared to death that i'll never be afraid, rollercoaster through the atmosphere, imagination's takin' me away.

i wish that we could sail our sad days away, forever. in deep blue seas of paper mache.
lets dance in the moonlight.



i'm clearing everything out and going vintage.
my blog.
my bedroom.
i'm making some changes, drastic ones at that.
everythings just gotten so boring.
i'm excited for the fresh
i'm ready for the clean.
my dwelling spaces are under serious construction,
and may be for the next few days.
i will do my best to clear out as soon as possible,
trust me i want these projects to be complete faster than you do.
be expecting the results momentarily.
in the mean time exercise your patience.
thank you.

the mentality.

years of memories on the floor
all sprawled out
in things i've kept
things of meaning
things of value

here, in the present
i sit and organize
i place the things
into a box

the next time i open it
i am telling each meaningful story
about each valuable thing
to a person i am joining lives with
because this is a way to

here, in the present
i sit and this is the mentality
it's definitely different than strategies of the past
but it's a different
that feels good; that seems okay.


hahaha.. dance.

sometimes when ke$ha starts to blast from the speakers
me and my girls go
i n s a n e
and we don't stop, even after the music does.
thanks for the memories girls,
this night will go down in


i owe everything.

sometimes i feel like we're all just pretending.
pretending in relationships,
pretending in happiness,
pretending that everything is all okay. 
i'm beginning to learn that things are almost never okay.
not matter how hard we pretend,
 just turning up the music doesn't make things better. 
but it's through the Savior Jesus Christ that we can bear it. 
we can smile after we cry. 
because He is hope. 
because of His atonement.
because of what He did for us, for me. 
so that in my darkest time, when i was shuttering with pain. 
i could sense peace.
that i can pick myself back up and keep going.
it's because of Him.
i owe everything to Him.

with this new addition to the collection
i just watched it for the first time in a while.
so cute. so good.
how come disney and pixar never seem to fail?
they still wow me. geniuses.
here's a sincere thank you to
walt disney and steve jobs.
probably my two favorite business people yet.
their impact on the world, is out of this world.
what would it be with out them?

but now i'm warmed up for the sequel.
i feel like a sinner because i havn't seen it yet.


one. week.

it's an omen.
let's hope it is a good one.

p.s. i'm kind of obsessed with this style of editing, it just looks so nostalgic!


a feet S.O.S.

it's starting to dawn on me..
i have a serious problem.