i'm clearing everything out and going vintage.
my blog.
my bedroom.
i'm making some changes, drastic ones at that.
everythings just gotten so boring.
i'm excited for the fresh
i'm ready for the clean.
my dwelling spaces are under serious construction,
and may be for the next few days.
i will do my best to clear out as soon as possible,
trust me i want these projects to be complete faster than you do.
be expecting the results momentarily.
in the mean time exercise your patience.
thank you.


  1. This has nothing to do with your post but I want to try and guess your count down;)

    1 owl city
    2 Kyle leaves
    3 you get kyles car
    4 cross country camp
    5 Dont know...
    6 You can legally drive.. me:)
    7 Schoo:/