differently diversed.

are fascinating creatures of incredible capabilites.
every one has a story.
everyone lives every moment of every day
worrying or stressing
about something different.

being involved with or getting done
different things.
its a wonderous thing:
that every one person has their own ability to do so.
and that's what makes this diverse world



thoughts from seminary.

"if we want
to become like the savior is,
we can't be afraid
to go through something similar
to what he went through."


new hurr.

and some senior pictures.




i've been staring at a blank screen for 2 hours

because snapchat keeps me from writing essays.
scratch that.
confusing and uninteresting essay topics keep me from writing essays.


but i still do love snapchat, oh so much.


In this glorious sadness.

Now coming to a close
is this beautiful, memorable day.

sad to watch it go,
but there are many more on the way.

I've still got most of a whole
life to fill with happy, unforgettable days.



city lights.

the city of salt lake city.


i left my heart in metroplis.


youth humanities council.

internship with the church history museum.
 6 youth ranging from provo to brigham city.
we're a pretty diverse group, but it works that way. 
commuting to Salt Lake City once a week, July-November.
spending hours behind museum doors that require a badge to get through 
doing projects from jurrying works
to working with a professional artist and creating an instillation
and having way too much fun in the process.
being apart of something bigger than myself;

taking this unforgettable opportunity and embracing this incredible experience.


my kind of cowboy.



pretty sure i didn't know how lucky i was.


from sixth grade to seminary council.

and sometimes having a good friend that is in tune with the spirit can make all the difference.


self portrait.

some people paint with water colors or oil pastels;
i paint with light.