7th year.

I can't even begin to describe what it's like
to sit in the wilderness with a bunch of girls
and bare testimonies of truth.
but I can tell you one thing:
Heavenly Father loves His daughters
and up there,
he pours out his spirit
and there's no doubt about it.



from the darkest eyes to eyes full of testimony tears;
proof that miracles happen, they are real
and I've seen it with my own.


event schedule.

 summer time: a small hometown celebration with the far best name.
crowns, sashes, matching outfits.
smiles, pictures, waves.
autographs, free carnival rides, horse carriages.
cartwheels in the street, waffles, face painting.
kids with adoring eyes, freeze dance parties, floats.
hikes to water towers, shooting stars, fireworks.
cowboys, eyes, moments.

a scene Hollywood is in search for.


extraordinary people.

they are rare, very uncommon to come across along life's paths;
right now i'm in awe at how many of them God has placed on mine.


those two guys.

trevor ward & wyatt duclos.

the two sarcastic, but funny, missionary-oriented "married" best friends.

they were the guys crazy about missionary work.
so enthusiastic they brought any conversation to the topic.
they lived their lives for their missions
and our senior year when the age was lowered,
they immediately stepped up
with eager hearts and itching hands.

when people started to get their calls
they were the guys there for every opening
or, they were the first to hear the news.
and they were excited about it.
it didn't matter who it was or when they were going;
they were excited about it.
even after one hundred and eight calls.
they were excited about it.

so much, they orchestrated and created a twenty-five minute movie
about every single one of those calls.

their own missions meant more to them
than food itself
and they would've lost a limb
just to be able to serve for those 2 years,
if that's what it would've taken.

now where do two 18 year old guys get enthusiasm like that?
who taught them and what manual did they use?

when prophecy says "a peculiar people, a chosen generation"
these guys are who it is referring to.

faith, enthusiasm in the gospel is what we've been foreordained with.
it's God given and it's what we came to earth to spread.

and that is just what those two guys are about to do
for two whole years.

they were two guys I met before my senior year of high school.
they were two guys I had the privilege of growing great friendships with.

they were two guys who changed my life.
in a way I can't quite put my finger on
but because of them I've been molded--I'm different.
and I will forever be grateful for that.

so when I run into one of them at another strawberry days
somewhere down the road,
that is what my mind will remember.

their enthusiasm will never die,
though our strong friendship may fade,
I know if our paths cross in the future,
I'll find them still sharing and spreading
that enthusiasm,
by means big and small,
and living in a way
that will always be remembered.


au revoir.

what a complicated, complicated
situation to be in.

but then since when have I ever been a simple person?
complicated is my favorite pattern to wear.


i lived.

nothing like running up a hill during the climax.
this song invigorates me.


day by day.

each day
I wake
   and live each minute as the hours go by.

each night
I write
   the things the filled my time, heart, and mind.

and when I wake
each day
not knowing what I'll write
that night

I realize how uncertain, yet wonderful, it is to live
each minute as the hours go by
and fill my time, heart, and mind
with things that have enough worth
to write.

and day by day,
this is the cycle
that builds my life.


he's so sweet and good and kind;
all I am is just lucky.

first parade experiences consist of
broken floats,
extreme winds, and
surprise appearances that make your day :)



a day at silver lake flat.




 a serene afternoon in a place that felt almost not real, it was so beautiful.


atop molly's hill.

so there's this hill on the face of the mountain.  we call it molly's.

i went running today and reached the top of it.

the view of our valley is invigorating and inspiring all in one standing.
i like it up there.


living moments.

isn't in a still shot
preserved on a small screen,
it's in the living moments
that move and breath along
with the free-ness
of our souls.

we were treated like royalty in salt lake.