driving to and from Downtown seems to be a habit of mine.
a purposful one i might add.
with THIS filling the empty seats around me,
i just jam to myself.
and with the light from the setting sun
pouring in through my windows;
it rinses my soul with happy.


live what you love, and love more.

i've been content. scratch that. more than just content;
i've been happy.
i havn't felt the need much to express my thoughts through words on this blog
because mainly they've been good ones; happy ones.
so i guess this post is one of
i am so grateful to be where i am at in my life.
senior year. at a place i love, surrounded by people i love.
this year is already different, in the best way.
everyone is friends with everyone.
our class is has been more unified within the past week
than it has been in the past two years.
and i love it.
i love all of it.
all of the things that make my daily schedule fill to capacity.
i loves those days where i leave for school in the morning
and don't come back until after midnight.
going from one thing to the next.
involved it makes me feel.
it was the longest week probably ever on record.
but i like it that way.
i don't want to miss a single second
of this season during my senior year,
it tends to be my favorite.
i want to soak it all in,
live it all up
and make the most of each moment.
p.s. made it to half of 100 followers. woo!


two years ago.

i knew my first first day of highschool would be gut wrenching and nerve racking
but what i didn't know
was that my last first day of highschool would put my soul into so much anxiety.

past and future self.

here i find myself yet again;
lying in bed waiting for sleep to take me away.
it's the only moment my mind has to slow down enough to realize the time passing by.
How quickly the days are being checked off.
how has 24 hours already passed again?
it seems too soon for another day to be through.
what is a day?
a week?
a year?
they seem to slip by too quickly, they sneak away in a rushed bulk.
panic rises when suddenly chunks of my timeline have gone missing.
smuggled away by my past self;
the stolen pieces used to keep her alive.
i think of her and who she was.
i think of me and who i am.
but what i can't imagine is who i will be; my future self.
she's so charitable. handing out her memories to me
to create my present. i thank her for it,
because though i may not always realize it,
they are golden. they make my life beautiful.
i try and try again to see it now, before i am forced to give them up to my past self.


representin' THE sticker.

gave this baby a wash today,
inside and out.
oh how i love 
the satisfaction of clean cars.

and now how i especially love her new back window décor.


keep it practical.
thats what my brain is telling me,
but my heart has a different story to tell.
and most of the time it yells it loudly
with in my chest and my brain gets frusterated.
it argues back with concrete logic and tactics.
they bicker and complain.
the fighting is never ending.
which argument is more correct?
and which side is more powerful?
my being will never know for sure.
if only I could bring the two to terms of agreement,
it would make all this a lot less exhausting.


my scriptures; my coloring book.

i love every word written in these books,
especially the book of mormon.
you can find a gem on almost every page,
that's why my copy is full of color.
i would advise doing the same.

meteor shower.

it's nights like these that are made of true-friendship.

it's nights like these that i cherish dearly.


bright lights and cityscapes.

clay is more than an awesome guy.
we went to salt lake,
we took some killer photos.
we found ourselves on an adventure
and now have a great story to tell.

that evening?
it's just the way the universe wanted it to be.


 " Your joy is your sorrow unmasked,
 and that self-same well from which your laughter rises,
 was oftentimes filled with your tears,
 And how else can it be?
The deeper that sorrow carves into your soul,
 the more joy you can contain."

and maybe one day i'll be able to contain it
because as for now this carving is deeper than i originally thought.


what is it about someone

That makes the butterflies fly when you see them.
That makes you smile when their name lights up the screen on your phone.
That makes you laugh after every least bit funny thing they say.
And when you hear their voice say the words “go on a date tomorrow” it makes you more giddy than a kid with a popsicle on a summer day.
The hope of running into them somewhere becomes an exciting possibility.
And when you’re sitting on the opposite side of the room all you want to do is walk over and fill the empty chair next to them.
Any positive interaction with them brings the saturation up in your day.
That makes you run faster past them to make sure you’re lookin’ good.
One look can leave you stranded on cloud nine.
That puts them, 1 person out of 6 billion, in charge of your happiness.

What is it and how does it get that way?
and now how do I make it stop because I just might be in trouble here folks.


happy teal tuesday.

walks into your
and teaches you
things you could
have never learned on your
the more you
realize it
the more
you appretiate
along with all
the afternoons
spent at the
library, all the words
written in specific,
and all the patience
they had in teaching.



there are so many in this world.
across this country let alone.
far too many to count.
leading to beaches, forests, and mountains.
cities, suburbs, and farms.
perhaps leading to no-where in particular.

so many roads out there to drive on.

yet i find myself driving the exact same ones
day to day.

maybe thats why they're so important to me.
(either by foot or by car.)

because they are 
unique, specific to my destinations, specialized to my life.

to me they're home;
like a web of my life,
connecting my memories one drive at a time.


happy sunday.


two dates in one night and i'm doin' pretty good.

according to today's statistics i drive 50% of my dates around.

half of my dates go to subway for dinner. on purpose? yes, on purpose.
    22? 13.
and the other half of my dates don't know they're on one
until they whip out their wallet.

it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds
because he had never been so happy in his life
it was the best date he'd been on all day.

and because
everything is funnier when you're running on little sleep.
the reason being? thats a different story.

this song was playing in my car
along with the rest of the EP
don't even preview it on iTunes, just go buy it.
i promise you won't hate it.


the daley freez.

ice cream from a non-chain joint in a small town
& jammin' while driving at sunset;
just what i needed to feel alive again.



the color of the world
at this beautiful time of year.
oh how i love it.
it fills my view while basking in the suns rays
or taking a nap on my back patio swing.
which is what i've spent the past two days doing.
just soaking it in, because all too soon
time will turn and green will fade to the colors of autumn.
and i'm not sure if i'm ready for
this portion of the light spectrum to leave just yet.


this makes me love adam young and his music even more.
good thing i bought four tickets with the date of october 1st on them.