two dates in one night and i'm doin' pretty good.

according to today's statistics i drive 50% of my dates around.

half of my dates go to subway for dinner. on purpose? yes, on purpose.
    22? 13.
and the other half of my dates don't know they're on one
until they whip out their wallet.

it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds
because he had never been so happy in his life
it was the best date he'd been on all day.

and because
everything is funnier when you're running on little sleep.
the reason being? thats a different story.

this song was playing in my car
along with the rest of the EP
don't even preview it on iTunes, just go buy it.
i promise you won't hate it.

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  1. It was great. Seriously, best date I had been on all day. It was soooo funny. You are pretty great, too.