what is it about someone

That makes the butterflies fly when you see them.
That makes you smile when their name lights up the screen on your phone.
That makes you laugh after every least bit funny thing they say.
And when you hear their voice say the words “go on a date tomorrow” it makes you more giddy than a kid with a popsicle on a summer day.
The hope of running into them somewhere becomes an exciting possibility.
And when you’re sitting on the opposite side of the room all you want to do is walk over and fill the empty chair next to them.
Any positive interaction with them brings the saturation up in your day.
That makes you run faster past them to make sure you’re lookin’ good.
One look can leave you stranded on cloud nine.
That puts them, 1 person out of 6 billion, in charge of your happiness.

What is it and how does it get that way?
and now how do I make it stop because I just might be in trouble here folks.

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  1. Their best friend is probably the stuff, as well.