4:04 - 4:12 9/14/94

eighteen years after that
eight minute span
we'd say hi to eachother for the first time.


I have a passion for connecting to the past

Three elderly ladies
sat to get their nails painted by young woman.
It was the year 2012.
But they talked like it was 1941.
They fell in love; they watched their other half go to war.
All the while waiting,
holding onto stamps for letters and food rations.
They speak of years floating by
like feathers fleeting to the ground--scatted and uncounted;
mind-boggling while I've only got a destinct eighteen behind me.
Time, society, and culture may be differences between us
but we've got the same heart.
I listen to the wise words and think:
living to the year 2080 seems so unfathomable.
But the year 2000 was a far fetched dream
and that was more than a decade ago.
Me and my sister both have our own car.
Their teachers walked to school.
What are us kids going to do these days? 
they ask. 
We're going to change the world by
bringing the gospel to every nation.
that's what we're going to do.
I appretiate the life they lived;
I'm grateful for the life I'm living.


don't forget to get back up, don't ever forget to get back up.

the future is bright.

 though i'm not sure what it'll bring exactly,

but i know one things for sure
i'm always looking forward with faith.

when referring to the condition of our hearts:

if we desire to be good.
we are good.


primary programs.

"I feel my Savior's love
In all the world around me.
I feel my Savior's love
Through everything I see.
He knows I will follow Him,
Give all my life to Him.
I feel my Savior's love,
The love He freely gives me."

Could'nt have said it more perfectly.


a solitary day.

even with my camera, a wad of cash, and a pumpkin pie-cheese cake
in an "insta-worthy" cafe/bakery
i still felt alone.
and i realized i didn't like it.


proved wrong.

just when i thought there was nothing in store--
i couldn't see any possibilities and there was no one i didn't know--

time proved me wrong.

it's amazing what different kinds of light can be shed on a situation.
at any given moment
the future can become something so different than you ever expected,
causing the present circumstance to change drastically.

the thought is evidence that we can never really know what the future holds.
so why are we always relying on certain things to happen?


a breather soon?

I could have run across the continent and back by now;
i've been running for two months straight
while barely given a second to catch my breath.
Will life ever allow me to slow down?


soul shaking.

I want real love.

I'm talking
driving 200 miles
across the middle of no where
pacing through the yard
and up five flights of stairs
just to look in eachother's eyes

hold eachother close
and say the unspoken words
of undeniable,
with out question,
soul shaking

call me a hopeless romantic but
that'll be the moment when I know he's the one.


this hope is treacherous; this daydream is dangerous.

and about came new circumstances.
good thing new taylor swift music came out today too--
matches perfectly.

first listen through and i already love the whole album.

owls and biology.


sadies 2012.


meet my date caleb.

hadn't really ever had a full conversation with him before i asked him,
but it ended up being one of the best if not the funnest dance i've ever been too.

it turns out we have a lot more in common than i thought:
we were born an hour 8 minutes apart from eachother on september 14, 1994;
we both have childhood memories of the same region of the uinta mountains;
and we both have dutch ancestors.

we're great friends now.



appreciate: (verb) to recognize worth.

here i am,
living my beautiful crazy life.

and all i want
is for someone to step inside.

notice the details;
grasp the design.

of all i try to do;
everything i try to align.

so if anyone out there does,
please give me a sign.

1,062 miles.

this fall break consisted of roads, driving on them, and many adventures to pass the miles.

-> salt lake
-> logan
-> around utah lake
-> st george


@ the velour.

now this band rocks my socks.
their music is seriously some of the best on my iPod.
plus they're local
so you get personal invites to intimate shows.
whats not to like?


aggie country.

gotta admit,
logan is a very pretty town, and it also has very good ice cream.


blown away.

hunter hayes.

carrie underwood.

a very well done stadium concert!


so basically...

we've been chosen; we've been called.
the time is now to arise.
so let's accept it and get to work; the work of complete commitment and life-long discipleship to the gospel of Jesus Christ in these latter days.
// pretty much sums up this conference.
what an incredible weekend it was.


words of general conference.

they were words i've heard since primary.
but today they had a refurbished fire to them.
a reality i've never noticed;
a truth that rang louder than before.
and the sound shook my soul to awakeness.

i was just barely eighteen years old that day.

the day when the announcement of the new missionary age requirements was made.
i was breathing the same air that the prophet used to speak them.
when he did, twenty-one thousand people in the room gasped simultaneously
and millions of jaws dropped around the world.
it changed everything
and flipped our lives upside down.
today will become historic.
we are witnessing a revolution.


the close of a chapter.

dear cross country,

it's been a good four years.
summer mornings and autumn afternoons will always remind me of you and everything we went through.
i'm grateful for the people i got to associate with and all the opportunities that i came across because of you.
you've taught me a whole lot about being dedicated and about how hard work really does pay off.
my life will never be the same and i thank you for it.
but i've got to leave you behind now, i will never forget you. thanks for the memories :)

you better believe i'll keep running though.
half marathon training here i come.


one of the greatest moments of all time:

PG vs Lonepeak.
our vikings came back in the second half and took over;
striking the whole school and community with adrenaline.
the victory: complete and utter bliss.
you can expect everyone to be walking on cloud nine come school tomorrow morning.
PGHS: 26 // LPHS: 24
this game will go down in history for the high school and city of pleasant grove.
i love being a viking :)


a needed reminder.

i can be optimistic and/or sarcastic.

the body will adjust to
lack of sleep
followed by days of
grueling to-do lists and
high-stress levels,
because i am definitely
feeling exhausted at all yet.



it's reconstructed freeway exits and paved canals
that cause longing for the past and
wishing of photos of what it used to be like;
kind of sad that any kid growing up from here on out
will never know what that was.


college day was today.
which means every senior got bombarded by the realization that the decision is here.
it's no longer in the future, it's now.
all the pamplets, presentations, and free pens
recieved today didn't help in this decision.
all it did was make me want to call up my brother and talk to him about it--
ask him for his advice and his help.


oh oh, i can't even take it in; i left my heart in metroplis.


i love adam young, his music, and his attitude towards life;
this concert was flat out excellent.
i would recommend getting the new album quick.