sadies 2012.


meet my date caleb.

hadn't really ever had a full conversation with him before i asked him,
but it ended up being one of the best if not the funnest dance i've ever been too.

it turns out we have a lot more in common than i thought:
we were born an hour 8 minutes apart from eachother on september 14, 1994;
we both have childhood memories of the same region of the uinta mountains;
and we both have dutch ancestors.

we're great friends now.



  1. okay. these are THE cutest pictures I have ever seen! love love love it! this location is like two steps away from my house (:
    so cute nicole! so SO cute.

  2. i always feel like asking whoever seems to work out in the end. i've done that a few times myself and i didn't regret it one bit!