When the stereotypes dissolve and a feeling of
complete excitement surges through the air. 
When theres so much stunning, elegance, and shimmer. 
Because everyone seems to be at the very tip top of their perfection.  
When the music pulses through the body and we dance, we go insane. 
We throw some glitter.  We make it rain. 
The night is about us.  Each individual.  We unite as a whole. 
And we experience a sparkle of something special. 
One day we will be remembered.

because taking pictures in pretty dresses is fun.

 Prom 2011.


singing along.

I still can’t help from singing the lyrics of that one song.  I never thought the day would come when Justin Bieber could be so correct.  And just the thought of that conveys a half smile, give or take the rest of it.
sometimes you just wanna scream.
and sometimes it doesn't make you feel any better.
So when I came home-
I got into my p.j. bottoms and into my comfy bed.
I snuggled up with my stuffed little friend and entered the world of Shannan Hale's Princess Academy.
Yep, it was one of those days.


a gift.

Here's what the day of today brought to me:
  • a significant wish of luck.
  • a great score on a pretty important test. phew.
  • more time spent with the chicas.
  • a fun performance, that was nailed.
  • pretty sure they all were.
  • a lot of laughing from a professional comedian.
  • a surprise high five, that kind of made my day.
  • a squished bus ride.
  • some jams.
  • sunshine.
  • an enjoyable conversation; well, many.
  • attending a party, or at least it felt like one.
  • excitement for tomorrow.
it was just one of those days that left a smile on my face.
i am grateful for this gift that was given.


vanilla twilight.

I can only hope that in that moment,
when the notes create the melody,
that go hand in hand with the lyrics;
it will become a fantasy realized. 
It will be a moment of enchantment. 
As for now I can only be patient.


'tis the season.

Today in Young Women's we had a fabulous lesson.  Sorry young men, but Young Women's lessons are the bomb diggity.  You miss out every sunday.  Any way, the subject of today's was Jesus Christ.  It was a silent lesson, and who doesn't love those?  I do.  In seminary or church.  I would like to thank my lovely leaders for the video they put together.  It was very touching.  This video, a mormon message, was apart of the lesson presentation. 
Watch it and be enlightened:

I know that He suffered and died for me.  That He knows me personally.  and that He loves me.
"I know that My Redeemer Lives"
Happy Easter Everyone. :)


a little gem.

Here's a little gem I decided to create :)

dream II.

I dream of being classy.
I dream of putting on an elegant dress along with some shimmery earrings and a necklace to match.  I dream of him picking me up.  tie, fitted suit, and all.  He opens the fancy car door for me.  I step my left silver strappy shoe into the passenger seat my right one follows.  He says you look beautiful tonight.  We arrive at an extravagant restaurant.  The doors made of glass and crystal chandeliers hang high from the ceiling.  We are seated at a reserved table on the balcony.  The skyline of city lights shine for us.  The faint reminder of sunset glows behind us.  The delicate candlelight sparkles inbetween us.  But there is much more; more between us.  More than what could be described  by words; only but by the language of the soul.  Conversing one with another, whispering the confirmation. The moments when we know, are the moments when only magic is exchanged.  These precious moments are what fill the gap of everyone and everything else.  None of it matters.  The only thing that matters is us.  Now.  Music breathes behind our conversation.  He asks me to dance.  We make our way to the dance floor.  I am a princess at my very own ball and I get the prince to myself.  He holds me close.  We waltz to the ballad.  The room empties and the lyrics describe the situation.  The moment suspends into a photograph.  Forever and always will we keep it safe.  Because these are the moments of treasure.


spatial consideration.

"If your not living on the edge, your takin' up too much space."
-a teen.

This is a good motto to go by, being a teenager and all.  We do need some adventure in our seem to be restricted lives.  But this is coming from a girl who's deepest darkest secret is that sometimes she falls asleep while reading her scriptures at night.  My definition of "livin' on the edge" might be slightly different than yours, or the person's next to you.  But thats okay.  We all are who we are.  We all choose what we choose.  For me, I'm going to choose the rational risky side.  So I'm not taking up all available space but I also don't completely fall of the cliff, or in my case, a curb.


who's life am i living anyway?

There is no way to describe the current thinking.  I try to place a theme, one of scattered thoughts surfaces.  They do not connect.  Their characteristics have no common reference point.  Well at least in this dimension.  But maybe in one where books burn at 451 fahrenheit.  What an awful but yet still inquiring idea that supposedly describes their future, our present.  or perhaps our future still to come.  I sure hope not.  As much as we despise the assignments, we would be nothing with out them.  Am I apart of we?  At the start of this new chapter I would have claimed agreed.  In the midst of the hour a twinge flickers back.  But I do consider myself flipped.  The task has become possible.  A possibility in a million years never to come true.  Who's life am I living anyway?  It certainly isn't mine.  The components stand far to foreign.  Maybe it took a step back to realize the present notions, and they have caught up.  They have caught up and they have whispered it can't be forced and you are wrong.  I am right concerning the opposite aspect, or perhaps it is the adjacent.  Don't jump to conclusion to confer that, that is the matter I am speaking about.  No.  They are completely separated.  Yet linked due to overlapping.  That was out of my control.  I would change it if I couldn't, the clocks knows I can't.  It's purpose crys lonely in the dark.  Similar to I?  Only in the deepest crevices.  But maybe not at all.  Who am I to determine the state.  Not a soul has a clue.  The best hope is to guess.  I am one of the lucky few who can hypothesize.  I propose this is the reason secretly tucked behind each word said, or in our case typed.  The reason I cannot unscramble or spell out.  It is confident to say no one can over come this dyslexia, if you ever do; please enlighten me with your findings.  It's like a game we play.  A game that was invented in the imaginary; or as it seems.  Due to the fact that it is observed that I am the only one playing.  I feel the rest are just pretending.  It's all just make belief.  No.  I believe more.  I am one of the lucky few who aquires the rule book.  Why am I spending the time to think up this nonsense? Because maybe the latter is not so.  But possibly it is, only the clock will confirm me the correct justification.  As much as it would be pleasing to continue this silent speech, other tasks must be taken care of.  Which stand more important?  Different personalitys resolve the reasoning.  At the start of this new chapter; I would have sided against the current thinking.  Then again: who's life am I living anyway?  It certainly isn't mine.


my brother.

In one week he will reach the 19 year mark in his life.  The past two semesters he has studied engineering and accounting at Utah State University, in cache valley.  (He was featured on the cover of the school's brochure, so appartently he's also in the modeling business).  He belongs to the graduating class of 2010 from Pleasant Grove High School.  He graduated with his associates degree from UVU.  He played varsity football; he served on seminary council.  He's an Eagle Scout.  He's a proud owner of Apple Stock, infact he's an Apple maniac.  He's pretty much going to be the next Steve Jobs.  He's a stud. As of today he is a future missionary of the Panama City, Panama mission beginning on July 20th, 2011.  He's a loved supportive friend to many.  In the gospel, he's one of the strongest people I know.  He's an admired human being.  He's Kyle Tucker; and He's my brother.

just a reminder.

It's a funny thing;  how the human race searches for ways to express themselves.  We scavenge for things to be apart of, somewhere to be accepted.  Being a teenage girl, this seems to be significantly true.  I've noticed an increasingly popular choice is blogging and of course facebook.  Ironic as to I am apart of these two modern ways of communication.  I know my reasoning behind writing the thoughts of my mind on this blog and for posting my photos on facebook.  All I can hope is that other bloggers and facebookers have the same intentions.  Intentions that are genuine.  Because of the love of writing and sharing memories.  I had the comment made to me, "why do you take so many pictures?  just get rid of your facebook and then you won't have to worry about it."  I was shocked.  So, just to make it clear:  I take photos for me and the people around me.  Not to show off or brag.  The reason is the same for my writing.  At this point in time I have no followers on this blog, as far as I'm concerned no one reads it.  Maybe this is due to the fact that I have told very few people about it. 
And you know what?  thats fine with me. 
I don't write or post pictures to state "hey look how good I am at writing and photography" or "look how cool I am because I do this". 
No, I do it simply because I want to. for me. to express myself. 
It's what I do, it's who I am.
So to all my "fellow" bloggers and facebookers
this is just a reminder: it's not a contest.  So don't make it one.


popcorn popping on the apricot tree.

As I glanced past the window pane
I couldn't help but notice the popcorn growing on the branches.


choir tour & cali extension?

One of those experiences I long to go back and revisit. 
The memories are vivid and full of emotion.

It was long and a lot of endurance was required. 

       From surviving the 14 hour bus ride through the freezing night to the near 20 hour event filled days of thrill, excitement, and disappointment.  Lets just say it was rough at times. 

But there was true magical moments full of color, and thats what mattered.  Those we can cherish because of the rough patches. 

Just being in the happiest place on earth with people I enjoy most made it all worth it. 

Seeing behind the scenes of the magic did not diminish it, it included us in creating it. 

Festival?  consider it swept.  PG cleaned up. 

Throat sore from screaming through everything. 

After the elderly were assisted and a spectacular evening on the water came to an end

the rules were bent and I was free from unecessary late fees. 

The cousins were adorable and the beach was windy with a chill.  But it was the beach.  And the tall palm trees shot up against the shinning sun. 

1,427 photos later, 6 GB between two different cameras, we finished up with 35,534 feet at 568 mph. 

We returned to our own beds with pockets empty of cash and smiles on our  sunburnt faces. 

Very glad we went, not regreting it a bit. 


7; wet.

26 adjectives. 52 weeks of 2011. One descriptive word every two weeks. Check back to view my mother and I's interpretations.

left; Nicole Tucker
right; Lisa Tucker
7;26 wet


in a memory.

I can't decide if this place is a happy one or not.
Everytime I visit, it brings tears to my eyes.  Or at least it raises the threat.  A battle which sometimes I cannot triumph over.

And I am defeated.

Is it because I am the one to blame for the desertation?
Or is the destruction simply because of reasons I am not fully aware of?
My frontal cortex could debate the matter endlessly
and never come to a final conclusion.
Maybe I will never know the meaning behind the pure resultant. 
Maybe I do not need to.
Maybe it is already taking the course back to reparation
of which it needs to be.
And maybe all I need to do it trust that
this place is a happier one over the alternative.
If not now, then later.  In time to come.

All I can say is please remember, because I do.


watch. listen. re-watch. re-listen.

If you are here looking for some inspiring words
you better stop right at this post
and navigate your computer screen to this link:

Watch, listen, re-watch, or re-listen
to the words of these speakers, apostles, and prophets.
For they are truly uplifting and inspiring.

"...whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same."
Doctrine & Covenants 1:25


this. is high school.

Embracing the moment
and siezing the day.

Joy riding, blasting the music
on a warm (or not so warm) night.

Screaming you hate the world
because you feel it hates you.

Praying and crying with your best friend
believing things will work out okay.

Creating relationships. Ruining them.
Mending them back together.

Looking forward to things
with way too much excitement.

Looking back on things
with a twinge of regret.

Being uplifted
by everything good.

Realizing what matters most
giving your all to it.

Skipping around twitterpated
with your head in the clouds.

Going insane
over someone that drives you crazy.

Not giving up
because in the end, it will be worth it.

Taking risks
putting yourself on the line.

Knowing you shouldn't
but doing it anyway.

When it comes down to it
obeying whats right.

Stressing and worrying
about everything out of your control

Being determined
not taking no for an answer.

Hoping for the best
dreaming of the ideal.

In the midst of attempting to achieve it
shattering everything.

Being let down
feeling so lonely and in the dark.

Acting like a kid again
not caring what other people may think.

Laughing hysterically
for no particular reason.

Creating memories
looking back on them.

Realizing what you had
wishing you still had it.

letting it all go.

Cherishing the times and things
that mean the most to you.

Being responsible
experiencing new things.

Not having a clue
about whats going on.

Not giving a care in the world
feeling like nothing matters.

Feeling bound by so many rules
breaking yourself free.

Seeming so small and insignificant
against everything so extravagant.

Knowing your wrong
finally admiting it.

Boiling over, everything falling apart
cyring it all out.

Being at your highest
nothing can bring you down.

Making mistakes
because this is our time to.

Learning from them
because that's their purpose.

Standing side by side,
The entire ride,


the story of how i got asked to prom.

Well, it all started while we were on choir tour.  We were in Disneyland, California.  It had been a lovely, sunny day, full of excitement and fun; riding rollercoasters, meeting Disney characters, and singing choral music.  My best friends and I were concluding this marvelous day by taking our last stroll down mainstreet.  The sun had just set and the firey sky had just begun to fade when a lively group of four, best-dressed young men surrounded me and started to sing.

It was a performing Disney quartet.  They sang a mix of every kind of Disney melody you could think of.  Ranging from "A whole new world" to "Under the sea".  When suddently they started to sing a tune I did not recognize.  It was bizarre.  The song was addressed to me personally.  The chorus proceeded to propose a question.  The question every girl dreamed of being asked.  "Will you go to Prom with me?"  I gasped.  This was the moment I never thought would come.  I waited in anticipation to hear the name of who had sent the singing quartet. 

The song continued when suddenly I heard the most amazing harmonizing voice I had ever heard in my entire life.  But I could not see where the voice was coming from.  It was not one of the four original singers.  The next instant, everyone froze, the music ceased, and a single spotlight shown down in the middle of the Mickey Mouse plaza.  A young man, that the beautiful voice belonged to, stepped into the center of the spotlight but I could still not tell who it was.  His head began to lift so I could see the face of the voice.  The next line of lyrics ran off his tongue. 
They sang: "with me, Sam Norton!" 

The other singers joined in with the harmonys.  The Disneyland fireworks went off above the castle announcing the finale of the scene to the whole themepark.  I stood speechless.  Had Sam Norton really just sang a song in the middle of Disneyland to ask me to Prom?

When I finally came to my senses and realized what had just happened, I squealed with excitement.  I was ecstatic.  Disney magic was everywhere.  This moment would go down in history as the best moment of getting asked to prom. Ever. 

We finished up tour, having a blast.  Even on the 14 hour bus ride home.  It had been the most ideal trip ever imagined.

April Fools.
Too bad it never happened and I still havn't been asked to prom.
Only in my dreams.