choir tour & cali extension?

One of those experiences I long to go back and revisit. 
The memories are vivid and full of emotion.

It was long and a lot of endurance was required. 

       From surviving the 14 hour bus ride through the freezing night to the near 20 hour event filled days of thrill, excitement, and disappointment.  Lets just say it was rough at times. 

But there was true magical moments full of color, and thats what mattered.  Those we can cherish because of the rough patches. 

Just being in the happiest place on earth with people I enjoy most made it all worth it. 

Seeing behind the scenes of the magic did not diminish it, it included us in creating it. 

Festival?  consider it swept.  PG cleaned up. 

Throat sore from screaming through everything. 

After the elderly were assisted and a spectacular evening on the water came to an end

the rules were bent and I was free from unecessary late fees. 

The cousins were adorable and the beach was windy with a chill.  But it was the beach.  And the tall palm trees shot up against the shinning sun. 

1,427 photos later, 6 GB between two different cameras, we finished up with 35,534 feet at 568 mph. 

We returned to our own beds with pockets empty of cash and smiles on our  sunburnt faces. 

Very glad we went, not regreting it a bit. 

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