this. is high school.

Embracing the moment
and siezing the day.

Joy riding, blasting the music
on a warm (or not so warm) night.

Screaming you hate the world
because you feel it hates you.

Praying and crying with your best friend
believing things will work out okay.

Creating relationships. Ruining them.
Mending them back together.

Looking forward to things
with way too much excitement.

Looking back on things
with a twinge of regret.

Being uplifted
by everything good.

Realizing what matters most
giving your all to it.

Skipping around twitterpated
with your head in the clouds.

Going insane
over someone that drives you crazy.

Not giving up
because in the end, it will be worth it.

Taking risks
putting yourself on the line.

Knowing you shouldn't
but doing it anyway.

When it comes down to it
obeying whats right.

Stressing and worrying
about everything out of your control

Being determined
not taking no for an answer.

Hoping for the best
dreaming of the ideal.

In the midst of attempting to achieve it
shattering everything.

Being let down
feeling so lonely and in the dark.

Acting like a kid again
not caring what other people may think.

Laughing hysterically
for no particular reason.

Creating memories
looking back on them.

Realizing what you had
wishing you still had it.

letting it all go.

Cherishing the times and things
that mean the most to you.

Being responsible
experiencing new things.

Not having a clue
about whats going on.

Not giving a care in the world
feeling like nothing matters.

Feeling bound by so many rules
breaking yourself free.

Seeming so small and insignificant
against everything so extravagant.

Knowing your wrong
finally admiting it.

Boiling over, everything falling apart
cyring it all out.

Being at your highest
nothing can bring you down.

Making mistakes
because this is our time to.

Learning from them
because that's their purpose.

Standing side by side,
The entire ride,

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