the story of how i got asked to prom.

Well, it all started while we were on choir tour.  We were in Disneyland, California.  It had been a lovely, sunny day, full of excitement and fun; riding rollercoasters, meeting Disney characters, and singing choral music.  My best friends and I were concluding this marvelous day by taking our last stroll down mainstreet.  The sun had just set and the firey sky had just begun to fade when a lively group of four, best-dressed young men surrounded me and started to sing.

It was a performing Disney quartet.  They sang a mix of every kind of Disney melody you could think of.  Ranging from "A whole new world" to "Under the sea".  When suddently they started to sing a tune I did not recognize.  It was bizarre.  The song was addressed to me personally.  The chorus proceeded to propose a question.  The question every girl dreamed of being asked.  "Will you go to Prom with me?"  I gasped.  This was the moment I never thought would come.  I waited in anticipation to hear the name of who had sent the singing quartet. 

The song continued when suddenly I heard the most amazing harmonizing voice I had ever heard in my entire life.  But I could not see where the voice was coming from.  It was not one of the four original singers.  The next instant, everyone froze, the music ceased, and a single spotlight shown down in the middle of the Mickey Mouse plaza.  A young man, that the beautiful voice belonged to, stepped into the center of the spotlight but I could still not tell who it was.  His head began to lift so I could see the face of the voice.  The next line of lyrics ran off his tongue. 
They sang: "with me, Sam Norton!" 

The other singers joined in with the harmonys.  The Disneyland fireworks went off above the castle announcing the finale of the scene to the whole themepark.  I stood speechless.  Had Sam Norton really just sang a song in the middle of Disneyland to ask me to Prom?

When I finally came to my senses and realized what had just happened, I squealed with excitement.  I was ecstatic.  Disney magic was everywhere.  This moment would go down in history as the best moment of getting asked to prom. Ever. 

We finished up tour, having a blast.  Even on the 14 hour bus ride home.  It had been the most ideal trip ever imagined.

April Fools.
Too bad it never happened and I still havn't been asked to prom.
Only in my dreams.

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