in a memory.

I can't decide if this place is a happy one or not.
Everytime I visit, it brings tears to my eyes.  Or at least it raises the threat.  A battle which sometimes I cannot triumph over.

And I am defeated.

Is it because I am the one to blame for the desertation?
Or is the destruction simply because of reasons I am not fully aware of?
My frontal cortex could debate the matter endlessly
and never come to a final conclusion.
Maybe I will never know the meaning behind the pure resultant. 
Maybe I do not need to.
Maybe it is already taking the course back to reparation
of which it needs to be.
And maybe all I need to do it trust that
this place is a happier one over the alternative.
If not now, then later.  In time to come.

All I can say is please remember, because I do.

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