dream II.

I dream of being classy.
I dream of putting on an elegant dress along with some shimmery earrings and a necklace to match.  I dream of him picking me up.  tie, fitted suit, and all.  He opens the fancy car door for me.  I step my left silver strappy shoe into the passenger seat my right one follows.  He says you look beautiful tonight.  We arrive at an extravagant restaurant.  The doors made of glass and crystal chandeliers hang high from the ceiling.  We are seated at a reserved table on the balcony.  The skyline of city lights shine for us.  The faint reminder of sunset glows behind us.  The delicate candlelight sparkles inbetween us.  But there is much more; more between us.  More than what could be described  by words; only but by the language of the soul.  Conversing one with another, whispering the confirmation. The moments when we know, are the moments when only magic is exchanged.  These precious moments are what fill the gap of everyone and everything else.  None of it matters.  The only thing that matters is us.  Now.  Music breathes behind our conversation.  He asks me to dance.  We make our way to the dance floor.  I am a princess at my very own ball and I get the prince to myself.  He holds me close.  We waltz to the ballad.  The room empties and the lyrics describe the situation.  The moment suspends into a photograph.  Forever and always will we keep it safe.  Because these are the moments of treasure.

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