the house of the lord.

after a temple filled weekend of the Ogden Temple rededication and receiving my own endowments,
i am grateful for the restored gospel and the opportunity to have fully operating temples on the earth today!  i'm excited to grow in testimony of what happens in the temple and the sacred ordinances that take place there!


from nineteen to twenty.

19 reasons why I loved the past year:

1. it was the hardest year of my life so far
2. and because of that i've grown in character and testimony more than I could have thought
3. falling in love again, in a movie screen scene
4. meeting a lot of good guys and learning from them; all of the sweet memories because of them
5. being an aggie and living in logan
6. becoming so close with my room-roommate and 4th floor sisters
7. living the classic college freshman life
8. completing 2 semesters of college and earning an associate of science in general studies
9. being humbled by the lord
10. not going to switzerland to study abroad because the lord had another lesson in store for me
11. being true to myself and realizing what i've always wanted was not what i want any more
12. drastically changing plans because of that
13. loosing and rediscovering myself; adjusting my priorities
14. visiting and revisiting the temple
15. getting my first real job, paycheck, and working full time
16. being reminded time and time again how amazing the people are that are in my life
17. keeping in contact with those around the globe, in disbelief of how quick half of their time went
18. getting called to serve in the ohio cincinnati mission
19. feeling the love of my Heavenly Father and having many opportunities to turn to Him in need of strength, support, and guidance; learning and feeling how intently He listens and answers but in a way that lead my life in a direction that was best for me, possibly in a different direction than i'd thought.

20 goals for the upcoming year:

1. live with a charitable smile on my heart
2. spend a majority of the year serving with a name tag on
3. put myself aside and be an instrument in the lord's hand
4. learn, study, and teach more than i ever have in my life
5. witness the gospel change someone's life
6. fly east of colorado; get out of the western united states
7. go through the temple and receive my own endowments
8. go back and back again
9. embrace, survive, and appreciate the MTC experience
10. keep in touch with all my incredible friends who are still serving and when they get home
11. stay close with my family
12. practice patience and keep persevering
13. trust in God's timing
14. don't give up on hard days and keep an eternal perspective
15. say words that will touch someone's heart through the spirit
16. fall in love with the midwest
17. be real and true to myself; listen to the holy ghost's subtle voice
18. root myself deeper into the savior Jesus Christ and His gospel
19. continue to turn to my Father in Heaven in time of need and feel His love
20. do anything they ask of me, no matter the difficulty; try to remember in the midst of it that it is for my good and the good of their kingdom


happy hiking.

the annual timp hike
(4th time and the hardest time)
it was a good journey!