i used to.

believe in
expression and preservation 
of precious memories and pure emotion 
through words and images.

every chance i got i used to
paint with light and record it in a photograph 
and to use words to convey feeling.
sometimes i caught a bad case of wanderlust and 
my creative mind took off running.

i was obsessed with documenting;
afraid i would loose something
if i didn't.

and over the years it has honestly been so helpful
to cultivate my soul

but that time is over.

i mean don't get me wrong,
i don't not think that way any more.
(i will never be able to escape it)
but yet it seems lately my mind has taken a different 
approach. i no longer feel the urgency to document everything here

and in a way i feel freed.


yes, we were that family.

the ones wearing matching shirts and
tandem biking in the canyon.
eating snow cones and swimming
then a summer barbecue.
now that's what I call a summer family weekend!


my favorite holiday.

the 4th of july, 
2014 style.