4; straight.

26 adjectives. 52 weeks of 2011. One descriptive word every two weeks. Check back to view my mother and I's interpretations.

left; Nicole Tucker
right; Lisa Tucker
4;26 straight


2 separate ways.

As of november 2010 I had spent the past year and a half running miles. Every. Single. Day.  When that point came and the cross country season ended, I was burnt out.  I did not go back.  The entire three months of winter I ran a total of two times.  Pathetic, some people would say.  Quitter some people would call me.  But they don't know the other half of the story.  The story about how I spent my extra time.  It was mine.  I Decided.  I started reading.  I started writing.  I started exploring.  I began to express myself.  I became not so up-tight and stressed.  I became constantly inspired and I could start to see how others expressed their inspiration too.  I learned things about myself, that I wouldn't have if I had kept running.  Which is more important.  Now track is approaching and I still don't want to go back.  But do I anyway? 


the past.

Tonight I am inspired by the past.  History.  Ranging from hundreds of years ago to last summer.  There's some thing about remembering thats so powerful.  They say "remember" is the most important word in the dictionary.  Who "They" are I know not.  But I think I agree.  Learning about those who have come before us.  To see what they've done.  Or what they've not done.  Every story, of every location, in every era comes together to create the world as we know it today.  With out it we could simply not be who we are.  So why not, give it the respect it deserves and take the time to learn about the way the world used to be, the way that it is now, and how it made the transition.


3; dirty.

26 adjectives. 52 weeks of 2011. One descriptive word every two weeks. Check back to view my mother and I's interpretations.

left; Nicole Tucker
right; Lisa Tucker
3;26 dirty


Life is interesting. It's weird how it all fits together.  Things happen, people come and go.  And for a reason.  People get to know each and build relationships.  No matter what kind it may be.  Sometimes it clicks, sometimes it doesn't.  Somehow both people seem to know it.  Which ever way it may go.  It's not something easily explained.  Most people struggle with that.  It's just something felt, something known, by both people.  And it all falls into place.  Where ever that place may be.



Pages flipping back and forth
Constant movement, I can't keep track
So confusing, I can not tell,
Are we on the same page?

Words spoken, they don't explain
Nothing helps, guesses made
Still confusing, I can not tell,
Are we on the same page?

Eyes locked, looks exchanged
Something occurs, it's all changed
We are on the same page?
Who knows what book it is
We are on the same page.

Retrospection, I look back
Something realized, it all makes sense
We have always been on the same page

No matter what book we're in
We will always be on the same page.
Confidently said, it will stay the same



Time is the only one thing
distributed across the globe
But sometimes it does not seem
even at all.

It feels like it is flying by
way to fast.
In the blink of an eye
it's out of our grasp.
It feels like it is dragging on
each tick-tock
is way to long.

Sometimes we need more of it
because there never seems to be enough
to get everything done.
Sometimes there is too much of it
because there is always something
we want to come.

But it remains the same,
it continues on constant.
Regardless of what happens
or what it may seem like.

Question & answer.

Q: How do you always have an endless supply of photos to edit?

A: The thing is, I usually always have pictures to be taken, organized, edited, uploaded, posted, etc.  Most of the time I'm working on more than project.  How do I always have the opportunities, you ask?  That, I do not know, they always just come in one way or another.  If not, I make them up myself.  Because it's what I do, it's who I am.



I want to fly.
right now, I am only crawling.
I want to fly.

I see those who are flying.
I know I could too.
I want to fly.

I just feel I am stuck,
something has me bound.
I still want to fly.

I realize the chains are only temporary.
That it will come with time.
I just have to slowly build
Walking, taller.
Running, faster.

I will fly.

i agree.

"I don't think adults understand how lonely it is to be a teenager.  We can't embrace and cling to our parents for comfort;  We've outgrown that.  We've it from them but [we] still need it from someone.  We are looking for someone to fill that void."

-Allyson Braithwaite Condie
Yearbook, 139

I completely agree with this quote from this novel!  It's totally true.  I might add that it's especially hard because technically we are not allowed to fill that void because we have to wait till were off missions or 18 years old and out of high school.  All I think is wanting to fill that void is human.  Thats what we are.  So why can it sometimes feel not completely right?