2 separate ways.

As of november 2010 I had spent the past year and a half running miles. Every. Single. Day.  When that point came and the cross country season ended, I was burnt out.  I did not go back.  The entire three months of winter I ran a total of two times.  Pathetic, some people would say.  Quitter some people would call me.  But they don't know the other half of the story.  The story about how I spent my extra time.  It was mine.  I Decided.  I started reading.  I started writing.  I started exploring.  I began to express myself.  I became not so up-tight and stressed.  I became constantly inspired and I could start to see how others expressed their inspiration too.  I learned things about myself, that I wouldn't have if I had kept running.  Which is more important.  Now track is approaching and I still don't want to go back.  But do I anyway? 

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