NYC - Friday: the bronx + times square

gotta get that subway selfie

the empire state building says happy halloween!


red eye.

the milky way is softer from 36,000 feet up.
only bokeh traces of humanity below,
the curvature of sister earth blurs on the dark horizon.
places i've only dreamed of,
i'm above.
and they glittered like gold.

i was finally out of the western united states.


4 girls, 1 bench

journal entry  ||  Oct 31, 2006

"Today was Halloween (Duh!) We (as in Kelsie, zoe, kaylee, emily, and me) went trick-o-treating to a lot of houses.  starting at emily's house then to zoe's then mine then aubrey's (but she didn't come with us) then kaylee's then kelsie's we ended and had hot chocolate.  it was SO fun. at school the parade everyone was saying "oh there's the princesses (in a good way)."

journal entry  ||  Friday (kinda) Sep 12, 2008/ Saturday Sep 13, 2008

"It's kinda Friday, 4:00 in the morning on Saturday.  kelsie, kaylee, macy, emily, zoe, mon, and me are up at the cabin for my birthday. it is so fun! we're trying to stay up all night.."

"We stayed up all night into the day.  the sun started rising, we got so so so hyper..I loved it to death. It was the best b-day I've ever had. Macy made me the coolest thing eva though. It was a slide show of a bunch of video clips of people wishing me a happy b-day at school.  people I know and people I didn't know.  I love it though, it's really cool.  Macy's so cute.  My party was great!"

journal entry ||  Thursday May 19, 2010

"It was pouring as we walked in the school this morning..lunch was very odd, almost depressing. I just felt lonely. maybe it was because kaylee wasn't there.  I drove home my wind shield wipers to the max..macy came over and chatted for awhile. good thing too :)"

journal entry  ||  Friday October 24, 2014

"another beautiful autumn day filled with people. it felt good to be at that elementary school with those original best friends..such a good last hoorah."

literally from elementary school to college, marriage, and missions.
it's almost a dream when we think about it,
have we really been friends that long?
i couldn't be more grateful for the answer yes.
and the crazy thing is we still have 80 more years of friendship to go. :)


autumn driving.

with music surging
and colors bursting.

october, you got me this year.



the hello's and good-to-see-you's become more genuine.
hugs become longer.
you begin to miss people who are standing right in front of you.
you send desperate invite texts.
and remorse over all of the thank you notes you should have written.
all of the days you didn't take the opportunity to spend quality time with people
and the chances you didn't take to tell them how much they've meant to you.
how many introductory and "how are you?" conversations were left unopened.
the details of other's lives often glanced past.

the term "live like you were dying" becomes more real than ever
and the largest realization is reached: 
people are most important.

see what comes of it.