stuff of eternity.

my stomach screams.
no no no,
i don't want time to keep going.
how do i make it stop?
or even pause for a while?
i have an inkling it won't
and it's not going to get any easier.
how does a person manage these emotions?
i panic.
we don't.
and time heartlessly marches on.
insensitive and uncaring.
yet it is the most cherished thing we have.
the thing which most major emotions stem:

it is captive.
holding us in its ticking grasp.
the only thing we cannot control nor escape.

yet because of it, we freely live.
every day,
we breathe in moments of fresh air.
mouths tug upward into smiles,
cheek bones and crinkled eyes
outwardly show emotion.

we cringe
because time terminates.
experience flickers,
people grow close or fade,
circumstance evolves.
and it is nothing less than painful--soul shredding actually.
a battle we all have to confront.

but i think it's only because our souls are eternal.
they are "made with the stuff of eternity"
and they know time is only fictitious.
necessary for now,
but not permanent.
and due to that, we fret endings.

it's an extraordinary concept i'll spend a lifetime attempting to map.

yet regardless of choice, it thrusts us forward
and simply,
that's how we progress.

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