so.. i was in a pageant?

2012 National American Miss Utah Teen   4th runner up


chacos and glitter toes. it's an oxymoron.

i've been finding myself more and more in these shoes
aquainting myself with the outdoors.


one day i'll meet him

and he'll know of my complexity but he will understand it to a simplicity.
we'll understand eachother.


the whole entire world will be out of town this week.
maybe i'll actually get some sleep and some things done.


a week of strawberries.

never fails to bring
too much fun and so many memories each year.
this time around i breathed every second.
i traveled the distance from lindon to pleasant grove and back
17 times in 5 days.

carnival (x4):

fireworks (x2):

rodeo (x2):

oh i'm just in love with this city and its celebration.



isn't about where you are or what you're doing.
it's about who you're with.

it's a form of perfection.
a simplier form, though.
where everything is perfect but not by textbook rules or dictionary definitions;
but perfect to the soul walking.

it's a feeling.

one of magic, i'd say.

these moments of magic can't be forced.
not with money nor planning.
it comes when things line up.
people and destiny.
circumstance rings truth.
the feeling of complete completeness.
and it sticks in your memory as golden.

these ideal moments can't be forced.
so when fate gives them.
let us recognize and appreciate the gift.

right now, i sure do


we had the whole mountain to ourselves.

for 7 miles in the hottest time of day.

and it was my favorite


wedding photography?
best job ever.

hidden hurt & secret tears.

she tries to be strong
isn't that what she is suppose to do?

she tries to look beyond the wrong
because to know, they were who?

but is seems like hidden hurt and secret tears
should be a bigger part of their common fears.

can you find the object out of place?
there was a bouncy house on the turf this morning.

apparently wednesdays are football's fun work out days.

you better believe that the cross country team played in it
when the football team wasn't looking.



some belong to you.
some are about you.

now which ones are which?
what do they mean and where will they go?

my thoughts are downing in themselves,
getting deeper and deeper.



when irrigation was the way to water a yard.