i had a wonderful day.
a day of sunshine,
full of good feelings.

this may have been true,
but that doesn't mean
for just a moment
that my heart didn't recall yours.
reminded of what seems like a faint memory of us.
it doesn't mean
the reminiscence didn't leak into my mind and
issue my heart a sigh the sound of a sad ache,
for just a moment.

though as more of these sunshine days pass
the grieve ebbs quieter; the ache, slighter.

if only the sad would deteriorate the same.
not sad for what was, sad for what's not.
why does it have to be this way?
a way of disregard.
the memory carried sunshine itself.

once apart of my heart,
the footprint can never be washed away.
however faint it might seem.

my only hope is
instead, when i recall the memory
it will be accompanied with the sunshine
feeling of a wonderful day.

i know it's possible.

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