1. ALASKA: the vastness allures me. along with the northern lights.
2. MEDITERRANEAN SEA: a cruise would be preferable. with stops at all the coastline cities. seems mystical.
3. NEW ENGLAND: the history, the lusciousness, and the east coast sounds enticing.
4. PANAMA: (along with the rest of the caribbean) to see where my brother served and the clear blue waters.
5. FOUR CORNERS: (along with all southwestern nation parks and monuments) i love the sense the desert has.
6. FLORIDA: cruise? along with a trip to the wetlands and of course disneyworld.
7. HAWAII: tropical paradaise. who doesn't want to go there?
8. EUROPE: west and eastern. centures of history. gallons of culture to soak in.
9. NORTHERN WEST COAST: i crave the waves and sea cliffs.
10. EAST: (anywhere east of colorado) i've never been farther. i want to explore my country.
11. ANTARCTICA: just to see what it's like.
12. AUSTRALIA: it seems so outlandish. i want to see.

i've sure got a bad case of wanderlust.

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