who's life am i living anyway?

There is no way to describe the current thinking.  I try to place a theme, one of scattered thoughts surfaces.  They do not connect.  Their characteristics have no common reference point.  Well at least in this dimension.  But maybe in one where books burn at 451 fahrenheit.  What an awful but yet still inquiring idea that supposedly describes their future, our present.  or perhaps our future still to come.  I sure hope not.  As much as we despise the assignments, we would be nothing with out them.  Am I apart of we?  At the start of this new chapter I would have claimed agreed.  In the midst of the hour a twinge flickers back.  But I do consider myself flipped.  The task has become possible.  A possibility in a million years never to come true.  Who's life am I living anyway?  It certainly isn't mine.  The components stand far to foreign.  Maybe it took a step back to realize the present notions, and they have caught up.  They have caught up and they have whispered it can't be forced and you are wrong.  I am right concerning the opposite aspect, or perhaps it is the adjacent.  Don't jump to conclusion to confer that, that is the matter I am speaking about.  No.  They are completely separated.  Yet linked due to overlapping.  That was out of my control.  I would change it if I couldn't, the clocks knows I can't.  It's purpose crys lonely in the dark.  Similar to I?  Only in the deepest crevices.  But maybe not at all.  Who am I to determine the state.  Not a soul has a clue.  The best hope is to guess.  I am one of the lucky few who can hypothesize.  I propose this is the reason secretly tucked behind each word said, or in our case typed.  The reason I cannot unscramble or spell out.  It is confident to say no one can over come this dyslexia, if you ever do; please enlighten me with your findings.  It's like a game we play.  A game that was invented in the imaginary; or as it seems.  Due to the fact that it is observed that I am the only one playing.  I feel the rest are just pretending.  It's all just make belief.  No.  I believe more.  I am one of the lucky few who aquires the rule book.  Why am I spending the time to think up this nonsense? Because maybe the latter is not so.  But possibly it is, only the clock will confirm me the correct justification.  As much as it would be pleasing to continue this silent speech, other tasks must be taken care of.  Which stand more important?  Different personalitys resolve the reasoning.  At the start of this new chapter; I would have sided against the current thinking.  Then again: who's life am I living anyway?  It certainly isn't mine.

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