just a reminder.

It's a funny thing;  how the human race searches for ways to express themselves.  We scavenge for things to be apart of, somewhere to be accepted.  Being a teenage girl, this seems to be significantly true.  I've noticed an increasingly popular choice is blogging and of course facebook.  Ironic as to I am apart of these two modern ways of communication.  I know my reasoning behind writing the thoughts of my mind on this blog and for posting my photos on facebook.  All I can hope is that other bloggers and facebookers have the same intentions.  Intentions that are genuine.  Because of the love of writing and sharing memories.  I had the comment made to me, "why do you take so many pictures?  just get rid of your facebook and then you won't have to worry about it."  I was shocked.  So, just to make it clear:  I take photos for me and the people around me.  Not to show off or brag.  The reason is the same for my writing.  At this point in time I have no followers on this blog, as far as I'm concerned no one reads it.  Maybe this is due to the fact that I have told very few people about it. 
And you know what?  thats fine with me. 
I don't write or post pictures to state "hey look how good I am at writing and photography" or "look how cool I am because I do this". 
No, I do it simply because I want to. for me. to express myself. 
It's what I do, it's who I am.
So to all my "fellow" bloggers and facebookers
this is just a reminder: it's not a contest.  So don't make it one.

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