live what you love, and love more.

i've been content. scratch that. more than just content;
i've been happy.
i havn't felt the need much to express my thoughts through words on this blog
because mainly they've been good ones; happy ones.
so i guess this post is one of
i am so grateful to be where i am at in my life.
senior year. at a place i love, surrounded by people i love.
this year is already different, in the best way.
everyone is friends with everyone.
our class is has been more unified within the past week
than it has been in the past two years.
and i love it.
i love all of it.
all of the things that make my daily schedule fill to capacity.
i loves those days where i leave for school in the morning
and don't come back until after midnight.
going from one thing to the next.
involved it makes me feel.
it was the longest week probably ever on record.
but i like it that way.
i don't want to miss a single second
of this season during my senior year,
it tends to be my favorite.
i want to soak it all in,
live it all up
and make the most of each moment.
p.s. made it to half of 100 followers. woo!

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